CTS Technology Ltd is a Reputed Manufacturer of Counter-Terrorism Security Equipment

CTS Technology since 2001 has exclusively focused on developing a range of innovative electronic security devices including RF jammers, anti-drone systems jammers, and jammers for RCIEDs (radio-controlled improvised explosive devices)

Ever since rapid strides were made in developing equipment that helped governments around the world to carry out undercover work with greater efficiency  without getting detected, earnest attempts have been made to design devices that’d thwart or jam such spying devices. UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) known as ‘drones’ in common parlance, have been used extensively since the last few decades for spying on enemy territory.

These UAVs are adept in intelligence work photographing entire areas discreetly and guiding the dropping of radio-controlled improvised explosive devices that can wreck great havoc and destruction. CTS Technology is a well-entrenched organization that has been wholeheartedly engaged in manufacturing a range of electronic counter-terrorism systems that invalidate and/or deactivate the circuits of UAVs, RCIEDs, cellular phones, and so on.

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It’s been nearly sixteen years that CTS has been devoted to innovating and developing a wide array of jamming systems. These jammers are effective in thwarting the action of enemy war vehicles, remote-controlled bombs and explosive devices, cellphones, and other gadgets using radio frequencies for conducting intelligence or spying work. Presently, CTS Technology develops drone-jammer, convoy protection jammers, radio frequency jammers, handheld jammers, bomb jammers, stationary jammers, prison jammers, embassy jammers, and so on. These jamming devices come in extremely handy for safeguarding troops or convoys while they’re transported from one place to another in airplanes, jeeps, trains or ships.

Additionally, these digital security devices are also useful in protecting police or military checkpoints, government offices and buildings, VIP convoys, entourages, bomb disposal squads, and so on. The technology corporation manufactures jamming system that interferes with and neutralizes the functioning of spy planes and drones, enemy vehicles, and cellphones thereby preventing the user from misusing these devices. These devices and gadgets find widespread applications in prisons, government establishments, parliaments, secretariats, airports, embassies, cantonments, nuclear power plants, military buildings and installations, municipal facilities, army checkpoints, air-force bases, and detention centers. The enterprise owns and administers a series of demonstration facilities where middlemen and agents of these security devices demonstrate the capability of the same to end-users who are usually government officials.

These brokers via on- the-spot presentations and demonstrations of anti-drone systems and convoy protection jammers convince the different government clients and customers of their efficiency. The purchaser can be rest assured that the equipments for which he or his department is placing an order are OEM gadgets that can be bought solely through the CTS reseller channel. The items for which maximum orders are received are New Drone Quadcopter RC Drone Jammer 2.4GHz 5GHz GPS 260 W up to 1500m; prison jamming system, drones jamming system-500w portable 433 Mhz/2.4G/5.8G/GPS jammers, and GSM 3G 315MHz 433 MHz blocker home alarm system jammer.

About CTS Technology Co. Ltd

CTS Technology Co. Ltd (http://jammer.ctstechnologys.com/) is based in Shenzhen City in China and is a forefront manufacturing of an extensive array of anti-terrorist security systems and UAV jamming equipments.


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