Composite Repairs for Harsh Chemical Piping

RIVIERA BEACH, FL – NRI, an innovator in the development of composite repair materials, has answered the call from the Oil, Gas and Chemical Industry for an Engineered Composite Repair Systems (ECRS) that could be used in highly acidic or other harsh chemical pipelines.

After a year of R&D, NRI is proud to introduce their latest breakthrough – Acid-Shield™.

When several Gulf refineries and chemical plants who needed an ASME PCC-2 Compliant ECRS (Engineered Composite Repair System) that could repair corrosion/ erosion defects on piping systems operating with 98% sulfuric acid, they came to NRI. The result was the creation of Acid-Shield™.

Acid-Shield™ is the first ECRS in the industry to offer 100% immersion resistance to 98% sulfuric acid per ASTM D543-06. 

Acid Shield™ was recently put to the test when during a scheduled turnaround, a Houston area chemical plant found multiple thin wall areas on their 12” OD sulfuric acid tank.  The corrosion was caused by a failed liner and internal chemical attack from exposure to the powerful sulfuric acid. With limited time remaining in their shutdown, they placed an emergency call to NRI.

With time of the essence, an onsite repair contractor was necessary. NRI provided in-the-field training in the use of Acid Shield™, and within 5 days of the initial inquiry, all defects had been repaired and the tank was returned to service within the planned schedule.

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About NRI:

NRI headquartered in Riviera Beach, FL, is a proven industry leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of state-of-the-art pipe repair, composite pipe repair, corrosion protection, and reinforcement technologies. Acid-Shield™ is part of a growing line of structural repair systems stemming from NRI’s original Syntho-Glass® system which is now specified by the U.S. Navy, the Coast Guard and international natural gas and oil industry conglomerates for all pipeline repair and reinforcement situations.

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