Mosquito Control Company In Northern New Jersey Helps Combat Against Zika

The rainy season hadn’t even started, yet the 62-year-old found herself going through cans of mosquito repellent, mindful of the blood-sucking creatures lurking just 500 feet away by a reservoir in Bergen County.

“I normally can keep the mosquitos away by using repellent spray,” she said. “Now with this Zika virus all on the news being in New Jersey, I want to stay protected. I used to be able to just put repellent on before I went outside for a walk, but now I don’t feel safe.”

Northern New Jersey area mosquito control officials have been inundated in recent weeks with mosquito-related complaints about swarms of mosquitos found by lakes and in township park areas — and that was before the rains started last week.

They have attributed the spike, as to a proliferation of mosquitos this season, to a mild winter in the North East.

“They could be carrying the West Nile Virus or Zika Virus now,” said a concerned Bergen County resident.  “It used to be, that we only had to worry at night and set up some outdoor repellents and that would do the trick. Now with the threat of Zika it seems the mosquitos may be out at any time of the day.”

With an usually rainy April, experts now warn it could get worse as mosquitos breed in puddles and ditches, and any other place harboring small or large amounts of standing water.

With mosquitos come heightened concerns about mosquito-borne illnesses like West Nile virus and Zika diseases that have arisen in the Northern New Jersey area in the past.

Several Northern NJ families that we contacted for this story had been asked about spraying for mosquitos and the concerns for their family’s safety with small children and small pets, and the threat of the Zika virus and the seasonal West Nile virus here in New Jersey.

“We have a 5-month-old so we are not planning to have another child right away but the thought of getting pregnant and the way I get attacked by mosquitos is very scary.  It really just makes me not want to go outside,” said Cary Morrison of Saddle River.

Even though it is early in the season, Perennial Services one of Northern New Jersey’s largest provider of mosquito and tick control has stated they are prepared to handle the demand for all of Northern New Jersey and to provide the fastest response for mosquito control.

“We have only done digital marketing to promote our mosquito control for Bergen County for the past few weeks, with a staggering response from the local community of Northern New Jersey,” says a Perennial spokesman. The latest update from the CDC, (Center for Disease Control) says mosquito’s breeds carrying Zika are now found in New Jersey, with new cases being reported every week.

A representative from the CDC stated in a recent interview that they wanted people to heed the warnings from the CDC.  Keeping up with current preventative measures and spraying outdoor family spaces will help keep the population of mosquitos under control.

“We are keeping an ever watchful eye on the development of this virus and other types of mosquitos.  Our mosquito control program has been a great success and our customers have been very happy knowing that we can protect their family in these uncertain times,” says a Perenniel spokesman.

Learn how to protect your family from the Zika virus.  You can read more about mosquito control for Northern NJ at or contact Perennial directly at 973-423-1500.

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