Affiliate Marketing is Not the Same as Network Marketing or MLM

“Affiliate marketing entrepreneur and film actor Dave Bresnahan.”
Affiliate marketing involves advertising and marketing a website, and is not at all the same as network marketing, or multi-level marketing.

Sandy, Utah – “I never try to recruit my friends and family, I don’t twist arms, because I hate when other people do that to me,” said affiliate marketer and film actor Dave Bresnahan.

Affiliate marketing is not the same as the dreaded network marketing type of businesses, and Bresnahan says many people do not realize there is a major difference. He describes how other actors and entertainers can replace their day job with an online affiliate marketing business in a free report offered at

“The work I do involves placing ads online to get customers to visit the various websites for my business. In other words, I get my customers as a result of online advertising, not by bugging the crap out of all my friends and family until they run away every time they see me,” said Bresnahan.

Anyone can easily become an affiliate marketer. Companies create a special website for their business and invite affiliates to join them in marketing and promoting a clone of the website. Affiliates receive a commission for sales their cloned website obtains.

“I wasn’t satisfied with the typical affiliate opportunities. I had to do a lot of work, spend my money on ads, and then the website would make a sale and I would get a commission. It seemed ok, but to keep the income going I had to do that again and again. So I started searching for affiliate sites that had subscription income instead,” said Bresnahan.

Subscription sites offer a product or service that a customer obtains on a monthly basis automatically after the initial sale. Affiliates of these sites get a commission month after month for as long as the customer continues to subscribe.

Bresnahan now teaches other actors how he built his business so they can do the same thing.

“Most entertainers of all types have a day job to support them while they build their career. However, day jobs often get in the way. My solution was to develop my own online business that pays me monthly from subscription websites I affiliate with,” said Bresnahan.

Other actors and entertainers can learn about what he does from a free report he offers at

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