LumiTea Launches LumiLifestyle Wellness Blog

MiamiLumiTea, a leader in cleansing and energy-boosting tea blends, has announced the official launch of its wellness blog – LumiLifestyle. Including articles such as “10 Ways to Improve Your Bedtime Routine” and “5 Things You Should Know About Detox Teas”, it covers poignant, easy to read topics and information. A recent post discusses how a colon cleanse can help with metabolism.

Readers can view recent posts via a sidebar menu. Tags also help one find the information they are looking for. Popular ones include health, recipes, and weight loss. In addition to the Lumitea blog, the website features a reviews section where visitors can learn about product and even write in about their own experiences. The comprehensive site lastly includes the unique tea blends LumiTea is known for. All natural ingredients are good for the mind, body, and spirit, and provide immune and anti-aging support. 

Tips for improving one’s bedtime routine include creating a schedule, avoiding long naps, not having caffeine before going to sleep, and drinking tea. A post about detox teas suggests diet and exercise to go along with them and covers possible side effects plus benefits. Avocados, known to be filled with vitamins and healthy fats, are the subject of a recipe blog entry with tasty snacks. Other posts cover fat burning products and how to build muscle without much physical effort. 

“When we launched LumiTea, our intention was to help people be their best,” said the Founder of LumiTea. “In addition to great products, we now offer valuable information our customers can benefit from. The LumiTea blog provides insights that can maximize the benefits of our blends and the results of our customers’ health, energy, cleansing, and overall wellness goals.”

To learn more visit LumiTea online.

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