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With the bid to ensure a greener future, Junk Happens is helping to turn collected junk into energy for electricity in the Twin Cities and also offers junk to non-profit organizations for recycling and reuse.

Eagan, Minnesota – May 2, 2016 – Constant waste disposal at landfills by garbage and regular junk removal companies is no doubt a menace to a safe environment and personal health. But Junk Happens takes a different route with regard to Mother Nature and environmental safety. The company is forwarding the green way in Twin Cities by sending the landfill junk to Minneapolis incinerator to be converted to energy which is further used to power the Twins Stadium & its nearby community.

Defining themselves as a “green company,” a senior spokesperson from Junk Happens noted their commitment to not dump waste in landfills and to do their bit in cleaning up the Cities. In his words, “We do believe that we have a crucial role to play in reducing waste usually thrown into landfills by regular garbage companies. Unlike others, we are very serious about environmental safety and we make sure our collected junk gets converted to energy for future use if it can’t be reused or recycled.

Based in Minnesota, Junk Happens is an award winning company that caters to junk removal in Minneapolis & the St. Paul metro area. The company has partnered with many non-profit organizations in the Twin Cities to donate reusable & recyclable junk removed from its clients.

“We also believe in recycling usable junk to reduce environmental waste. We recycle a wide range of junk including aluminum, metals, wood, appliances and so on. We are here to make a positive difference for our future generations through responsible and sincere environmental practices. 100 percent of items collected by us are reused, recycled or turned to energy.”

Junk Happens offers a comprehensive junk removal in MN with complete assistance for loading, clean-up & dump of unwanted junk. The company takes care of residential and commercial junk removal as well as warehouse, estate & garage cleanouts, removal of construction debris, demolition cleanup and foreclosure cleanup.

“Our trucks are larger (18 cubic yards) than that of competitors’ (14.8) yet our prices are always lower,” the firm manager added.

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Junk Happens is a leading environment friendly junk removal company which offers both residential and commercial junk removal in Minneapolis & St. Paul at lower rates.

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