Thornton Roof Leak Detection Emerges As the Best Roof Leak Detection Consultant in UK

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Thornton Roof Leak Detection is the most trusted portal for roof leak detection consultancy in the UK. The company has extended its leak detection services to walls, basements, flooring & water pipes as well.

East Grinstead, West Sussex – May 2, 2016 – Thornton Roof Leak Detection emerges as the most trusted roof leak detection consultancy in the UK. The company is the pioneer in electronic flat roof leak detection in UK.

A name of high repute across roof leak consultancy in the UK , Thornton Roof Leak Detection is an endeavour by seasoned leak consultant Stephen Thornton and has been operating for 28 years now. The company is also flexible to offer its specialised consultancy abroad.

“Our prolonged experience in resolving the roof issues through numerous tests, investigations and inspections has trained us to assess roofs with perfect certainty identifying all the shortfalls in installation and design. We have helped property managers to maximize the service life of building roofs & also advice on cost-effective re-roofing, where needed,” stated a senior spokesman from Thornton’s team.

Although the firm specialises in flat roofs, the spokesperson assured expert help in other forms of roofing as well, like slated/tile roofs, green roofs, podiums/terraces & sheeted roofs. “We promise you a knowledgeable, highly professional and prompt UK leak detection service by experienced testers, consultants & office management. Our principal consultant Mr Thornton is himself backed by over 4 decades of experience across UK construction scene,” he added.

Added roofs, Thornton’s leak detection consultancy is now extended to every part of a building, including basements, walls, floors and water pipes. Over the years, the company has worked on a variety of projects like commercial buildings, Sports Stadia, big apartment blocks, corporate buildings and shopping malls.

“We were the ones to pioneer electronic testing for newly installed waterproofing systems for the prestigious Broadgate complex back in 1987,” added the spokesperson.

Speaking further, the firm manager informed about assistance with other forms of leak detection when electronic testing does not work. Thornton’s team is also flexible to offer the traditional flood testing method, differential pressure, pinhole testing & Transient thermography.

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Thornton Roof Leak Detection is leading roof leak detection & testing consultancy which also offers leak detection services for the entire building in UK.

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