Announces the Launch of the Press Release Service: The Best Tool to Increase Traffic

“Press Release Service”
The new Press Release writing and distribution service from SemJar will help bring your business to the next level. This advanced marketing tool will allow you to boost the public awareness of your business, gaining you recognition, and attracting hundreds of new customers.

A press release is an incredible marketing tool that can draw attention to your business in an instant. If the piece is well written and distributed through the right channels, it can be picked up by numerous publications, leading more clients to your company. From now on, you can use the full power of this marketing tool to fuel your business with the help of SemJar Press Release Writing and Distribution service.

Experienced SEO specialists from SemJar know all the in’s and out’s of press releases and will use this knowledge to ensure your piece gets maximum attention. The company offers several types of packages, including the one where they distribute your releases and the one where they both create and distribute the release on your behalf.

Regardless of which option you choose, employing the newly established SemJar Press Release service will provide you with numerous benefits. Some of them are:

• An instant boost in visibility
SemJar experts will research the best distribution channels for your niche to ensure your business gets maximum exposure from every release.

• Increased traffic
A great press release will get people interested and attract them to your website, providing you with an opportunity to make a lasting impression and convert these new leads into loyal customers.

• A growth in the number of conversions
Seeing your press releases published at reputed online sources will prove to your prospective customers that this business is serious and can be trusted.

SemJar leaves nothing to chance and guarantees maximum exposure to your news. The press releases are distributed over 500+ networks and social media outlets. Acknowledgement from many of these premier media sources gives your business a boost in the Google rankings, increasing the website’s visibility further.

Integrating press releases into your marketing campaign can give it the extra edge necessary to climb to the top of Google’s search lists. SemJar’s new service can help you achieve this goal and improve your SEO fast.

SemJar, a subsidiary of Panda Tech Marketing is a reputed SEO company that helped dozens of businesses improve their search engine rankings and increase their customer base.

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