Jay LaVita present the “BEYONCETAKEOVER,” courtesy of the #JLEXPERIENCE movement

02 May, 2016 – Starr Media Group, NEWHYPEBEAST Media Group, and major recording artist Jay LaVita present the “BEYONCETAKEOVER,” courtesy of the #JLEXPERIENCE movement. The Beyoncé Formation World Tour is the most can’t-miss event of 2016! Millions of people from around the world will be in attendance, and major recording artist Jay LaVita wants you to be a part of this historical moment. The #JLEXPERIENCE wants to ensure that Beyoncé’s biggest fans are right there, front and center! The Jay LaVita team is giving away Beyoncé Formation tickets in select cities courtesy of the #JLEXPERIENCE. We are purchasing tickets directly from LiveNation, and you don’t have to buy anything to participate. The #JLEXPERIENCE is sending one BeyHive fan per selected city to witness one of the greatest performers of the 21st-century—BEYONCE. 

Starr Media Group’s franchise artist Jay LaVita has VEVO, iTunes, and blogs everywhere on fire with his smash hit “Put You On” featuring Fred the Godson. The song has won the hearts of thousands worldwide, and the momentum continues to build daily. Jay LaVita is a real champion of the people and has always relied on the honesty of the public regarding his music. Once again he is reaching out to his family and potential new fans to listen to his music and give honest feedback.

Registration for the free Beyoncé tickets is super simple. Go to www.eaeradio.com/jaylavita to complete the registration form and watch the video “Put You On” by Jay LaVita featuring Fred The Godson. After you view the video stream, leave your honest opinion in the comment section (use hashtag #JLEXPERIENCE at the end of your comment) on the video and then click the submit button at the bottom of the page. You will be notified via Instagram if you are the winner. The Beyoncé Formation Tour may not be coming to your particular city, so any ticket won will be available in the city closest to your location. Starr Media and NEWHYPEBEAST Media Group will be providing two free tickets per selected town. That means two very lucky Beyoncé fans from each chosen city will witness one of the greatest live performances of their lifetime. Starr Media Group and NEWHYPEBEAST Media pick the level and position of each seat. Starr Media Group and NEWHYPEBEAST Media will never share the information of any who register. Winners will be announced bi-weekly. The #JLEXPERIENCE is hyper focused on creating the most dynamic, sensual, and international experience for women worldwide. All winners are required to send a celebratory tweet and Instagram post to Jay LaVita upon final announcement. The staff of NEWHYPEBEAST Media Group & EAE Management will distribute the tickets to the approved winner within 48 hours of the Instagram announcement.

Jay LaVita’s voice has been heating up the airwaves for the past six months and the ladies applaud his sexiness, inborn swag, fashion sense, and signature sound. The momentum of his music has profoundly impacted his social media branding power, awareness, and overall mainstream appeal. Hailing from Delaware and keeping true to his strong R&B roots, Jay LaVita invokes a strong vibe of authenticity layered with sexual undertones which define his musical vision. Jay LaVita and his results-driven management company Starr Media Group, in partnership with Renegade Revolt/EAE Management Group, has uniquely crafted a digital branding campaign which has generated over 2,000,000 impressions on Twitter and 100,000 streams on Spotify, in addition to earning over $3,000 in digital music sales in less than 100 days since the end of December. His forthcoming EP’s lead single “Put You On,” featuring New York City rapper Fred the Godson, is currently in high demand and featured across twenty radio markets from LA to NYC. The positive results thus far from his lead single have elicited a high demand for brand extensions and cross-promotion opportunities with innovative companies. Jay LaVita is currently partnered with companies ranging from New Balance to Pushers Collective Clothing (www.pusherscollective.com) and is building relationships with premium beverage and restaurant companies as well. Jay LaVita’s brand has universal appeal and attracts a motley crew of potential sponsorship partners. Having a Midas-touch effect on brands and an intimate connection with consumers enables him to foster natural friendships and develop long-lasting professional relationships. Jay LaVita’s team believes that word of mouth is the strongest form of marketing and continues to push the envelope of creative branding and organic consumer relationships.

For all inquiries regarding the BEYONCETAKEOVER project, email newhypebeastmedia@gmail.com or call (310) 507-9319.

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