Launch of Website Focuses On Gamer Health Ergonomics

Timely Reviews for Ergonomic Gaming Chairs for Serious Gamers

NEW YORK – The gaming world is celebrating the launch of a new website, dedicated to information for a lifetime of health and well-being for gaming devotees. There has been a great need for credible ergonomic resources for gamers and game designers regarding repetitive strain injury and the ever-present risk of pain.

According to the founders of the site, “A gamer’s health is often ignored. Many think that gamers aren’t exposed to health risks just because they are sitting. Now that the e-sports scene is booming, people are taking a second look at gaming health.”

“North America’s most famous League of Legends shot caller, Hai Du Lam “Hai”, almost retired from the professional-scene due to his wrist injury, which kept him from keeping up with practices and scrims.” 

For those in the gaming community looking for advice on how to be comfortable while playing games, there are many resources and lots of advice available on For instance, a gamer has access to gaming chair reviews, perspectives on the value of having a gaming chair, important gaming chair features, and the six things a gamer needs to know before purchasing a gaming chair.

Gamers sit for long periods of time without getting up, so comfort and ease are essential. Today, serious gamers want chairs that include features enhancing a user’s experience. The best high-quality gaming seats incorporate the use of built in speakers in the headrest, while displaying audio and volume controls at a gamer’s fingertips. Many of the best types of gaming chairs will feature an ergonomic and relaxing experience for neck, back and hands, and will truly simulate the feeling of sitting behind the wheel of a sports car, or an airplane. is a well-respected review site empowering gamers to have an enjoyable long-term experience without the risk of carpel tunnel syndrome, tendonitis or any repetitive strain injury. The site wants to help passionate users to “Stay in the Game!”

The website is dedicated to XGamingChair’s friends. Some of the referenced websites discuss respected and reliable ergonomic references, and some are great websites featuring the latest gaming and “peripheral gaming” news. may or may not share the same views as the websites discussed.

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