Augmate reports platform growth by integrating several new partners onto W.E. Manage

NEW YORK, NY – 03 May, 2016 – In the first quarter of 2016, Augmate signed and integrated nine new partners onto its management platform — Wearable Environment (W.E.) Manage.  Augmate’s software platform delivers robust security policies that facilitate control over wearable devices, beacons, users, and applications within a deployment environment. The platform is used by all constituents within the wearables ecosystem, including hardware device manufacturers, application developers, ERP, systems integrators, and enterprise customers.

“We are seeing growing demand from all players, particularly in the smartglass ecosystem. As firms continue to pilot and scale smart glass solutions in 2016, they recognize how Augmate can help them move into a production deployment faster and more securely,” says Founder and CEO, Pete Wassell.

On the hardware device manufacturing side, leading smart glass providers including Vuzix and Optinvent have joined Augmate’s OEM Extension program.  “As the number of enterprise applications for leading devices such as the Vuzix M100, and the soon to be released M300 continues to expand, we are pleased that our partnership with Augmate helps our clients securely deploy and manage our devices within their workplace,” says Paul Travers, CEO of Rochester, New York based Vuzix.

In the software development community, leading wearables developers such as Belgian based Proceedix and Evolar, Spain based Streye and Remote Eye, France based Expert Teleportation, and U.S. based Apprentice Field Suite and Gnosys have integrated their applications onto the Augmate platform.  These developers market hands-free solutions for a variety of use cases ranging from procedures and checklists workflow, telepresence for remote guidance and training, and warehouse logistics solutions.

“Augmate’s platform helps us centrally manage our customer smart glass pilots, and we know that our enterprise customers will see this solution as a necessity as they start to deploy production rollouts in 2016 and beyond,” says Peter Verstraeten, Founder and CEO of Proceedix.  

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Augmate puts wearables to work in the enterprise.  Its W.E. Manage platform gives IT administrators complete control over a wearables environment, which includes devices, beacons, users and applications.  The W.E. Manage cloud and on-prem platform provides enhanced device security, user management, and security policies that automate over-the-air remote application management and device configuration for fleets of wearables from a single point of control.

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