Locker for towels with anti-theft system introduced

NORTHBROOK, IL – 03 May, 2016 – Guests while packing their bags and checking out of hotels often tempts to grab some extra things or their primary attention would include a towel. This is considered as a linen theft. If guests are caught then the case is handled by the law or they just have to swipe their card to pay for the stuff.

Guests expect to take things with themselves like soap, shampoo, and stationery, etc. however they are welcome to take the toiletries, but things like towels, dryers, lamps, remotes, bedsheets, and other linen stuff are not for tucking in the luggage.
All of the stolen stuff cost more than the charges of the room and definitely the hotels go for a loss. Managers and owners are tired of renewing the things. Do not think that hotel possession are a gift for the guest of the hotel. They are being used again after laundering. Many cases have been reported, and many visitors have been caught in the case of stealing towels so, for this Fresh US have developed a technology which provides an efficient solution.

A microchip technology is embedded in the luxury linen stuff which helps to keep a record of all the inventory of the hotel. The chips are integrated into the towels so that a proper count can be done and hotel possession can be tracked. The chips are designed in highly efficient manner. They cannot be easily damaged even if the linen are washed. They are water and heat resistant.

The hotels have also introduced a new cabinet technology known as a locker for towels. These cabinets are used especially in the recreation centers like gym, spas and swimming pool areas so that the linen inventory can be tracked easily. The lockers for towels can do the inventory count and provide a receipt for the overall use, unused and other linen material. All the linen are also integrated with microchips which are scanned by the cabinet.

Now stealing towels is not as easy. Even the hotels are getting smart about their stuff so they do not have to bear any loss. The technology has helped many hoteliers to manage their goods.

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