Scientific Breakthrough Produces a “Left-Handed Golf Ball”™ Innovative golf ball company, Left Wing, has finally developed a left-handed golf ball

FLAGSTAFF, AZ – 04 May, 2016 – Left-handed golfers have been discriminated against for far too long. While left-handed clubs were developed many decades ago, they are of little use if you’re using right-handed balls. Finally after many years of painstaking, intensive research involving the physics of golf ball design and flight, including air resistance, drag, the Magnus Force, and all other relevant factors, Left Wing scientists have perfected the formula for a golf ball that achieves optimum performance when hit by a left-handed golfer.

Left Wing is all about fairness and equality. There is nothing fair or equal about left-handers not having their own golf balls. It’s time to end the right-handed bias. Left Wing scientists have solved the eternal problem of “Golf Ball Inequality”. The revolutionary balls come with a caution: “Use by right-handers not recommended.” The company lets Republican golfers know that “these balls tend to lean to the left”.

“The right-handed dominance of the world must be addressed,” says Left Wing CEO Stephen Huston. “If you’re a left-handed golfer, why are you still using right-handed balls? Left-handed golfers no longer have to be forced to settle for using old-fashioned right-handed balls.”

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