Epoch Fusion, Inc announces the launch of “Epoch Glove”

“Epoch Glove”, “Magnifying the Power of the Hand”. Epoch Glove was conceived of by Epoch Fusion’s CEO, D. Bryan Anchell.

IRVINE, CA – 04 May, 2016 – According to Anchell, “Even with the latest and most advanced technology, techniques, and skills in the medical field, in today’s world, 225,000 injuries and deaths are occurring in hospital operating rooms in the United States. Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the USA.

Someday perhaps we’ll have the technology to completely eradicate surgical mishaps, but in the meantime we have created a method to vastly reduce those mistakes and calamities. Even if “only” one person dies or is harmed or dies that is one too many. What if that “only one” was your three-year-old daughter or son, or your spouse, or a veteran wounded in battle… or you? What if there was a way to dramatically reduce such devastating events?”

Introducing, the Epoch Glove! A completely customizable, reusable, delicate but durable series of fingertip and palm pads to be worn on both hands of a surgeon. The pads stabilize filaments of vitally helpful fixtures of lighting, video-recording, and biometric instruments.

The Epoch Glove does not interfere with or in any way hamper the dexterity, flexibility, or sensation of the surgeon’s hands and movements. To the contrary, it enhances the surgeon’s capabilities, confidence, and accuracy.

The Epoch Glove can be configured for any industry where visibility and accurate measurement are needed. Especially for those working in environments where accessibility is limited or where life may be at risk, such as search and rescue operations or, in the cases of law enforcement and military maneuvers, seeing around corners using the hand, instead of the face.

The Epoch Glove is unobtrusive, silent, accurate, and near weightless.

Other fields of applications are auto mechanics, aerospace, film industry, electrical and mechanical engineering, research and development centers, and as an adjunct to scuba gear.

The Epoch Glove is a cost-effective, reusable device that is affordable and rechargeable. Our surgical room design for the Epoch Glove comes with a storage unit that sterilizes and recharges the unit after each use.

When asked about the team developing this ground breaking new product, again Anchell replies with characteristic confidence. He says, “Epoch Glove and other cutting edge devices of ours which are coming down the pike, are in the process of being developed by an engineering team which is second to none, and has extensive experience in creating devices for the medical field, as well as military applications.”

About Epoch Fusion, Inc.

Epoch Fusion, is an innovator in new technologies and systems for the Telemedicine and related industries.

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