New Online Travel Agency Poised to Raise Credibility of the Industry

The Online Travel Agency industry is set to get a major shakeup following the launch of hotel booking platform,

The Online Travel Agency has long been plagued by accusations of dubious practices. The industry came under scrutiny, recently, following reports from a House of Lords’ Committee that OTA’s in the UK are ripping off customers, doctoring search options and intimidating hotels into offering them the best room rates.

Amidst the continuous allegations of industry players, BookingBase is the new OTA that’s poised to disrupt the industry with its equitable business model. So transparent is the model that it is bound to find favour with travellers and hoteliers alike.

Discussing the motivation to start the company, Managing Director Hector (insert surname) said: “We observed that many OTAs are becoming more and more unpopular with the industry due to their onerous contracts, exorbitant charges and proxi management of part of their business. We love hotels and we endeavour to help them to look after their guests, while at the same time achieve significantly higher profits. Our mission is simple, for our clients to achieve higher profits and for us to be their favourite OTA.”

Travellers who are looking for good hotel deals will find the BookingBase platform quite easy to use. Customers can search for a hotel by city, area or landmark. The website also features last minute deals, honeymoon deals, early bird deals and family deals.

Probably one of the most outstanding differences about this BookingBase is that they do not charge hotels any commission; therefore, no hefty fees are padded on to the accommodation rates and customers get the get the best possible price. In addition, the customers can deal directly with the hotel to make changes or even add special requests after a booking is made – a privilege not offered by many OTAs.

Since the introduction of Online Travel Agencies, hotels have been at the mercy of many of these providers. But this is not the case with BookingBase. Instead of a commission, the company charges hoteliers a membership/marketing fee. This fee is calculated based on the star rating of the property. For example, 5 star hotels are charged just $1.75 per room per month and 4 star hotels are charged $1.50 per room, per month.

What’s more is that unlike other OTA’s and tour operators, the company does not demand allotment of rooms. Hoteliers are in total control of their room inventory thus they can allocate any number of rooms. Furthermore, the company provides 24/7 actual support, and clear benchmarking on what guests expect and experienced.

There’s nothing more admirable than fairness and equity, and it is hoped that this benchmark set by BookingBase will be the new standard for all OTAs in the future.  

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