Young Professional Struggles with Debt Amassed while Helping Family

Like many young people, Nasser Chihadih had only the best intentions when he took out thousands of dollars in loans to help his parents and his brothers as they attended school. Unfortunately, like so many others Nasser is saddled with a mountain of debt on credit cards, personal loans and auto loans that he would have difficulty paying off even if his employment were completely secure. Although Nasser is a petroleum engineer, the decline in the global energy market has made his employment uncertain, making these debts a harrowing burden.

Nasser is asking for your help to get through this difficult time. With almost $200,000 in debt, the banks are continually harassing him to make on time repayments, but without steady employment this is an impossibility. Nasser has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to secure enough money to make some form of payment to his creditors.

If you choose to support Nasser, you will be assisting a great young man who has fallen on hard times. In return for your generous financial support, you can receive perks like a True-Horror eBook or a 18” x 12” poster.

To learn more about Nasser Chihadih or to make a donation to this worthy cause, please visit

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Company Name: The Debt Monster is Chasing Me!
Contact Person: Nasser Chihadih
Country: United States