New Social Media App “ShiftShare” – An All-inclusive App Enabling Shift Workers to Easily Sync Schedules and Socialize with Others

More than 3.5 million people are employed as shift workers in the UK alone, working for the NHS, fire services, police, delivery divers, railway workers and many, many more. Often these individuals work irregular hours which makes normal day-to-day activities difficult. It can be even more challenging to synchronize social calendars with others and organize appointments or social gatherings.

ShiftShare, an application currently being developed by Dan McGough and his team, have the solution! This new app to be released in late 2016 will help users overcome these daily obstacles by instantly syncing schedules, allowing friends and families to quickly learn who is available at certain times.

Calendars can be automatically uploaded as ShiftShare is fully integrated with your local device, and the app will then highlight days that each chosen group of people are available to meet for that all important social gathering. Event reminders can be sent as alerts to users. To top it off, ShiftShare also provides a free chat function that facilitates communication between users. Along with all of the above, ShiftShare also features an auto-match function that identifies other users in the nearby area and, if desired, provides an instant window for people that do have free schedules to chat or meet.

We believe that although this app is centered around the many hard working shift workers we have in the UK as well as their families and friends, Shiftshare could be useful in facilitating other user needs. Our market research has determined that there is a need for this app, and there is currently no other app on the market like it – an all-in-one solution for shift workers, their friends and family.

Having a strong background in technological development and personal experiences with irregular work schedules, Daniel understands the difficulties of life when on an odd shift. That is also why he is so confident that ShiftShare will be an undeniable success when it goes live. Millions of night or weekend workers—both here and around the world–are eager to communicate with loved ones, and ShiftShare will be the ideal platform to make that happen.

This amazing app is more than a tool for finding people available for tea or a chat. Based on information from the Health and Safety executive, people who work irregular shifts are more prone to depression, anxiety and stress. ShiftShare will allow these people to alleviate that stress and find fulfilling activities at virtually any time of day, with friends, family, colleagues and shift workers nearby.

ShiftShare will be available on iOS and Android devices, but to make ShiftShare a reality, Daniel and his team are asking you, the public to help them complete this project by contributing to their Indegogo campaign. They have sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to raise the capital needed to launch ShiftShare. This money will go towards creating:

• A fully functional IOS / Android app with User Interface.

• App Icon & Splash Screen design

• Administration panel.

• Access to Analytics and software code and data, allowing the app to be modified as time goes by, including bug fixes and updates.

• Lastly and most importantly, hire a dedicated Project Manager specializing in smart phone applications to ensure the development is completed to the highest standard.

To learn more about ShiftShare or to make donation, please visit or email If you decide to support this project, you will have the option to receive a ShiftShare promotional kit as a reward. 

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