Chris Chahinian, California State Senate Candidate develops a strategy To End food hunger

There is the need to reduce the level of food wastage in California, thereby reducing poverty and hunger

The popular California state senate district 25 Candidate, Chris Chahinian announces his plan to eliminate poverty and hunger in California State. A recent Census Bureau report reveals that nearly a quarter of California’s 38 million population lives in poverty. The poverty level in the state is the highest in the U.S at 26%. Millions of children live in poverty or near poverty conditions. As Californian’s are struggling to put food on their table, same time food wastage in the state is the highest in the nation. The estimated amount of feed wastage in California can feed millions.

Chris Chahinian says, “It is our moral responsibility to feed the needy when we have the means to. Leaving any child hungry when there is food to spare is a shame,” said Chris Chahinian, “If as a state we have the highest level of food wastage in the nation and at the same time the highest population percentage in poverty, then something is wrong somewhere. I want to fix it.”

Chris Chahinian said, “My plan is to propose and pass a new law for banning farmers, supermarkets, and grocery stores from throwing away or destroying unsold food. We will need to build partnerships with charitable organizations to distribute the recovered food to needy families. This bill will apply to those who have more than 5,000 sq. ft. stores and more than 100 acres of farmland. Charitable organizations must have proper licensing, permits, and the correct equipment to transport the food. They will receive a tax write-off, people will be fed, and it will stop food waste. We will create new jobs and improve our economy.”

Through tax write-off, charitable organizations will be encouraged to have the proper licensing, permits and the needed equipment to transport food which could have been wasted. Jobs will be created as a ripple effect of the initiative. The legislation with put an end to the food wastage in the state and eradicate hunger.

About Chris Chahinian

Chris Chahinian is a successful businessman and recognized community leader, living in the San Gabriel Valley for over 25 years. Chahinian works in the community as a Director of the Rose Bowl Operating Company in Pasadena. A consistent voice for local hiring and small businesses. Through his efforts,  285 people have been hired within the community and helped secure over $7,000,000 to local businesses and individuals.

He has been recognized for his exceptional leadership within the community by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, US Senator Barbara Boxer, Congressman Adam Schiff, Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich and Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard.

Chris Chahinian is running for State Senate. His top priority is to boost the economy, reform the education system, improve public safety and support hard-working middle-class families.

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