A New 3 Million Dollar Homepage Pixel Advertising Campaign Launched To Give Businesses Exposure

The three million dollar homepage provides business leaders with a unique and fun way to gain online exposure with current and potential customers. The homepage is a 1000×1000 pixel grid where pixels are sold for $3.00

A new million dollar homepage launched provides business owners with a chance to advertise to potential new customers in a unique way. Blake Anderson, who went through some recent rounds of fund raising, decided there must be a better and fun way to raise startup funds. So, he decided to launch the three million dollar homepage.

The 3 million dollar homepage is a 1000×1000 pixel grid where one million pixels are available from as little as $3.00. The new three million dollar homepage is set to gain a lot of exposure, giving business owners an opportunity to be a part of that excitement and gain the publicity they need to promote their products or services. Once the blocks have been sold there will be no more opportunities to advertise on the homepage. Each business can expect their advert to be seen for at least 20 years, resulting in the most cost effective advertising campaign on the planet.

The founder of the three million dollar homepage decided to launch the funding campaign as a way to gain finance for his healthcare startup business. He knew how difficult it would be to gain finance from a bank and turning to investor funding would mean he would lose some of his business. Blake Anderson decided by launching the three million dollar homepage, an idea first started by Alex Tew in 2005, and taking that concept much further to offer advertisers more, he would be able to keep hold of 100% of his business while at the same time raise the money needed.

Blake Anderson, the founder of the three million dollar homepage, said: “Figuring out early on, I knew I would need more funds for my startup and would need to raise money if I were to get my healthcare business off the ground the right way. So, needing to raise funds for a difficult, revolutionary dietitian business, we thought, how can we make this different? How can we go about earning startup funds instead of raising funds, while giving something back of immediate value? And well, this is what we came up with.”

The three million dollar homepage has already gained a huge amount of exposure as well as interest from potential customers. This new concept aims to help business owners increase their exposure as well as generating traffic to their site.

To learn more about the unique way to advertise, please visit www.3milliondollarhomepage.com

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www.3milliondollarhomepage.com provides a unique way to advertise, giving business owners a lot of publicity.

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