Anqing Bailian Manufactures a wide range of Oil-Free Compressors with single-minded devotion

Anqing Bailian founded in 1995 in Anqing City has been engaged in manufacturing a range of oil free compressors with single-minded devotion.

China – Oil-free gas compressors find applications in a wide range of industries including but not limited to manufacturing, mining, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, textile, food, mechanical, electrical, metallurgical, environmental protection, electronics, and defense. These compressors serve to augment efficiency in production, reduce consumption of energy and ultimately enable the end user to increase revenues and attain economy of scale. Anqing Bailian is a well-established organization in China that has been producing oil-free oxygen compressor, hydrogen compressor, and air compressors since 1995. The product line of the company includes oxygen booster, hydrogen compressor, argon gas compressor, helium compressor, ammonia booster and compressor, and so on.

The company has under its payroll 120 employees and over 40 highly educated professional and skilled R&D staff that make the most out of their innate and acquired skills to enable the organization meet its daily commercial goals. The organization harnesses state-of-the-art R&D techniques in producing these oil-free gas compressors. The enterprise is committed to turning out products of excellent quality which are made to pass through stringent quality control checks before they are readied for delivery to the end users. Anqing Bailian has been consistently processing and delivering orders with fast turnaround and is also committed to harnessing R& D methods to better utilize natural gases like oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide.

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At the same time, the conglomerate is also dedicated to find optimal use of rare or noble gases like helium, argon, krypton, xenon, and radon. The enterprise claims itself to be China’s first and foremost producer of oil-free compressors and owns numerous national patents. The company also sponsors the National Innovation Fund Policy. The products of the enterprise are exported to over 20 countries in the world including USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Holland, Canada, Brazil, andSouth Korea. The organization not only manufactures standardized products but also has the capacity and wherewithal to make products according to customer’s specifications and preferences.

As far as the mechanism of an oil-free air compressor is concerned, the air inside the equipment is squeezed or suppressed entirely with the help of screws and there is no oil seal to use. Owing to the operation peculiarity of the air compressor, the maximal pressure discharge capability is less compared to an oil compressor. However, with multi-stage air compressors where the fluid (the gas inside the compressor) is compressed using multiple sets of rivets, the pressure can reach more 150 psi (10 ATM) with an output volume of over 57m3/m.

Oil-free compressors are normally used in areas where it is not feasible to transport and/or use oil-compressors like pharmaceutical industries, medical research, semiconductor manufacturing, textile plants, food processing industries, and so on. Nevertheless, one has to clear the environment of surrounding hydrocarbons and other gaseous elements or particles before an oil-free oxygen compressor can be used.

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Anqing Bailian has been wholeheartedly engaged in fabricating both standardized and customized oil-free air compressors since 1995.

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