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Corporate leader Rajiv Talreja has achieved Best Seller Status on Amazon for his book, Lead or Bleed—How Entrepreneurs And Corporate Leaders Can Adopt A Proven System To Stop Fire Fighting And Start Accelerating Performance And Profits.

Business leader and author Rajiv Talreja has just released his latest book, Lead or Bleed—How Entrepreneurs And Corporate Leaders Can Adopt A Proven System To Stop Fire Fighting And Start Accelerating Performance And Profits, which quickly achieved Best Seller Status on Amazon.  After experiencing past business failures, which he calls his “best experiences,” Talreja is now the owner of two successful companies:  Quantum Leap Learning Solutions and Dream Craft Events.

Through more than a decade of training and coaching, Talreja has developed a reputation as an expert who helps people transform their businesses.  His coaching has impacted over 50,000 people and has grown into a lifelong crusade. He is regularly called upon by entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to help transform their businesses, teams and leadership styles. 

Talreja has been the recipient of People First’s Responsibility Award of Leadership and Catalyst of the Year Award, and was selected as one of the Top 10 Future Leaders from India by Better Future, Netherlands and as one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurship Stories from India by BNI, India.

Classifying himself as a “learner and doer,” Talreja believes “There is always a next level, no matter who you are or where you come from. Lead Or Bleed shows entrepreneurs and corporate leaders the importance of a proven system of engaging with their teams to develop competence of team members on the job, and how to set and achieve goals that are challenging, inspiring and engaging as well as solve the real problems at the root cause level rather than the symptoms level.  The book also shows you how to manage performance on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to stay on track and achieve breakthrough goals.”

The book, which was published in February 2016, reveals practical strategies designed to help readers balance strategic growth, operational excellence and people development while engaging employees in building a high-performance team.  Lead or Bleed includes information on the leadership philosophies of India’s 50 great workplaces as well as the fabric of success from the stories of 12 inspiring entrepreneurs and CEOs.

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About Rajiv Talreja and Lead or Bleed: Achieving Best seller Status on Amazon

Lead or Bleed is the latest book by entrepreneurial expert Rajiv Talreja, who has won numerous awards as a coach of corporate leaders.

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