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Leading as the new age travel website that offers new platform to travel agencies to promote and sell tour packages online, Packist.com will change the rules of E-Commerce and opening new possibilities to environment friendly.

When we refer travel, there’s a slight chance we will ever relate booking travel and tour packages with online E-Commerce, with the newly launched Packist.com, the uniquely designed online integrated travel platform, it opens a new portal for travelers to experience hassle free travel booking.

Packist.com is launched with the aim of bringing more convenient travel experience to each traveler.The website has announced the launch of many affordable and exciting travel packages for various countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea and many other places around the world.

The unique online integrated travel platform allows the user to get best travel deals right through their smart phones or computer.  The founders of the travel site have especially taken into account the popularity of smart phones and the affect it has put on people’s lives. Most of the daily activities such as ticket booking, banking, mobile recharge and others can be done through the Smartphone and that is why Packist.com aims to create a new e-travel trend where user can book their tour packages through the convenience of their mobile phones from anywhere and anytime.

Packist.com opens its doors to investors to join Packist.com and be one of the leading partners. Packist.com is the online businesses affiliate of the experienced travel agency, Beautiful world tours and travel SdnBhd, which has more than 20 years of experience and is well known travel agency. The company holds vast experience in offering tour packages that are tailored to the user’s needs, including national and international packages, cruising, sightseeing and planned tours among many others. The company aims to be the leading Malaysian online travel platform considering the increasing demand of online convenience shopping.

Packist.com believes with continuous improvements, the website will soon provide an easy exist for users tap into flight ticketing services, transportation arrangements, hotel accommodation, theme park and leisure entrance ticketing services in the next 5 years, and makes sure that the website features the latest offers, tour packages and other travel options for the users. Packist.com has scheduled to launch Members Loyalty Program for the users shortly.

Packist.com is built upwith a team of highly experienced and IT expertise programming team. Packist.com understands a customer’s need in making payment without travel far by putting up payment system with integrated trusted online payment gateway. The team is trusted with constant service upgrade in assisting travel agencies to expand business opportunities with Packist.com

Want to know more about Packist.com? More information can be found in the website itself.

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