Jinan SG Making Strong Debut on NASDAQ Tower

An advertisement of Jinan SG Home Furnishings is scheduled to appear outside NASDAQ Tower, Times Square, New York on April 29, 2016, US Eastern time, or May 1, Beijing Time.

NASDAQ Tower – the first screen of the world

Whilst US is the focus of the world and New York City is the focus of the US, Times Square is the most hustle and bustle hub of the city. With a minimum acreage accounting for a mere 0.1% of New York, Times Square contributes 11% of GDP and 10% of jobs to the city.

Times Square, as one landmark of New York City, has a tourist flow approximating 40 million person-times and a people flow approximating 100 million person-times a year, matching the name “the Cross Road of the World”. NASDAQ Tower owns “the first ads screen of the world”, where dazzling advertisements scroll across 24 hours a day endlessly, being the biggest eye-catcher in the world. Times Square is known for its cool attraction to people from all over the world, thus advertising on NASDAQ Tower is a symbol of incomparable success and glory! 

About Jinan SG

Jinan SG Home Furnishings Ltd. is headquartered in Zhangqiu of Jinan City, Shandong Province, China. Beginning with the local furniture market, Jinan SG has grown into a major supplier of home furnishings, household articles and lifestyle services in Shandong Province. Under the business philosophy of Credibility, Collaboration, Co-win, Jinan SG strives to seek survival with good products, seek fame with good service and seek growth with good market payback. Through five years of hard endeavors, Jinan SG becomes a conglomerate with two dozens of branches and one dozen of franchise stores across the province. Jinan SG has served nearly 30,000 households and recorded an annual sales turnover of RMB 600 million. In 2010, Mr. Shuai Weibao, the founder of Jinan SG, proposed a new concept of zero-down-payment consumption. In 2014, Jinan SG Shopping Square Ltd. got listed in Shanghai Equity Exchange. In 2015, Jinan SG set up a charitable foundation and on Aug. 24 chaired Rogers Economic Forum, thus drawing wide attention from China’s home furnishing industry.

Jinan SG builds a platform for both furnishing suppliers and consumers, in hopes of laying a foundation for secondary and continued consumption by boosting sales for manufacturers and by satisfying consumers who are temporarily short of money. With innovative business models, Jinan SG strives to catch up with the changing macroeconomic trends, create new jobs amidst economic slowdown, guide consumers on a sound track, protect resources from over-waste, and ultimately contribute to the national economic construction. Under the principles of Innovative, Green, Open and Sharing, Jinan SG seeks to create a win-win situation among manufacturers and consumers with enlarged sales and demands. Jinan SG invents the concepts of Zero-down-payment Consumption and You-buy-and-I-pay in order to usher in a new consumption force from young blood. The new models break off the entrenched ones and satisfy consumers’ needs and mindsets.

At the news reference of NASDAQ Tower branding, it is announced by Mr. Shuai Weibao, the founder of Jinan SG, that Jinan SG has spared no effort and will spare no effort in self improvement in order to meet consumers’ demands and to keep in line with social growth. Jinan SG takes the new round of brand promotion on NASDAQ Tower as a tentative step towards overseas markets. In the near future, Chinese both home and abroad will have access to Jinan SG’s zero-down-payment consumption and share the benefits from You-buy-and-I-pay.

By promoting the brand image on NASDAQ Tower, Jinan SG showcases not only its strength, but also its pioneering spirit. Jinan SG’s innovative business model that serves to introduce new blood and vitality to market arouses wide interest among Chinese home and abroad. Chinese tourists feel proud to see domestic brands advertising on NASDAQ Tower and Chinese feel proud to see domestic brands going global.

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