Leading Minnesota Personal Trainer Dayna Deters Launches New Online Fitness program

Leading Central Minnesota-based personal trainer and fitness expert Dayna Deters has recently launched her new online fitness program Athletic Endurance Academy for women tri-athletes, runners, swimmers, cyclists and anybody determined to take herself to next level

Sartell, MN – 9th May, 2016 – Here comes something really exciting for all those fitness enthusiasts looking to take themselves to next level- Leading Central Minnesota-based personal trainer and fitness expert Dayna Deters has recently announced the launch of her new online fitness program Athletic Endurance Academy for tri-athletes, runners, swimmers, cyclists and all those women determined to reach the peak of fitness. The program is available for fitness enthusiasts all across the world, including both veteran and novice athletes.

“I am really excited to announce the launch of our brand new fitness program that will power you to take your bodies & races to next level. It covers various workout strengths as well as endurance training tailored to suit each member’s body type & race. This is to help you enhance your stamina & endurance level so that you can pull yourself to that level that is unattainable for you till now. I have got several runners here on my program & seeing them doing exceptionally good, feeling stronger with lesser injuries- I am here to take it further for better,” stated the gorgeous fitness expert who owns her own personal fitness studio Dayna Deters Determined Fitness and has been a national-level fitness contender.

It took her more than a couple of years to come up with the latest online fitness training program. Deters is joined by her dear friend, avid runner, certified trainer, triathlete & well-rounded athlete Marey Scully as an endurance training coach for the program.

Dayna’s new program will offer each member a full goal & health history data for a personalized training plan. Fresh training plans would be sent to members each month with instructions on cycling, running, cross-training or swimming, based on the member’s typical athletic event. All the members would have easy access to coach emails for questions and support. Nutritional tips would be provided and there would be 2 meal guides, including recipes & grocery lists.

“The program is here to help the members with muscle imbalances, guide them on when & how they can taper, support them with needed tools for faster recovery as well as a tailored meal guide to assure they are getting the needed nutrients- essential to survive the intense prolonged workout sessions and to help in good recovery. You will also find data on how to assure you are giving yourself adequate time for recovery. As your next race starts, you would be awed at the great difference in your time & strength.”

The training program would further include 3 to 5 weekly customized strength training videos co-relating with member’s weekly fitness training program. There would be journal check-in every week from the trainer.

“Our program is aimed to help you get in touch with like-minded fitness women & athletes around the globe & find out their source of motivation, how they tackle challenges & what they have learned so far,” said Marey Scully, the endurance training coach for the program.

For more information or to participate, please visit http://daynadetersfitness.com/athlete-endurance-training-academy

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