Chapters Capistrano Warns About Dangers of Fentanyl

Fentanyl is popping up across California and holds a serious risk of addiction or overdose, cautions Chapters Capistrano.

The news has been scattered with reports of increased use of fentanyl over the past few months. It is a drug that some people might not have heard of before, but one that they should be more familiar with, especially due to its risks. Chapters Capistrano has released a statement to the press regarding the dangers of fentanyl and the importance of addiction treatment.

“Fentanyl is an incredibly potent drug,” says Mike Shea, co-owner of Chapters Capistrano, a California rehab center. “A person may not even realize that they are getting it because it is often passed off as heroin, or mixed with heroin. However, it comes with a high risk of overdose and can be dangerous to those who come in contact with it because the drug can be absorbed through the skin.”

The National Institutes of Health report that fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine and 100 times more powerful than heroin. Traditionally it has been used as prescription medication for those who experience severe pain due to cancer or following surgery. However, it has been making its way to the streets where it is sold illegally. Only a tiny amount of fentanyl is needed to feel the effects, as it is prescribed in micrograms, which is one-thousandth of a gram. Any more than that can be extremely dangerous.

“There is a high risk of overdosing on fentanyl since it is so powerful,” says Shea. “It depresses the respiratory system, as well as the central nervous system, which can be very dangerous. Someone may think they are using heroin, but it may be cut with fentanyl, or be pure fentanyl. Seeking addiction treatment can help to significantly reduce risk by helping people to safely detox and create a healthier lifestyle that does not involve substance use.”

Through a comprehensive treatment program, people can overcome the changes to the brain caused by addiction and reduce risk of relapse. This involves a combination of therapies, education, and other activities. The only way to prevent addiction and overdose is to steer clear of use all together and implement more positive behaviors and thought patterns.

“If you’re concerned about a loved one and think they may have a heroin addiction or be at risk for using fentanyl, speak up,” says Shea. “Help them get into a treatment program that can change their life for the better. Recovery is possible, and rehab centers like Chapters Capistrano are here to help.”


Chapters Capistrano is a luxury drug and alcohol treatment center located in the city of San Clemente in Orange County, California, with two beautiful ocean-view homes. Specializing in all types of substance abuse, Chapters offers flexible treatment programs that are designed to offer greater confidence in addiction recovery. With a thorough approach to detox, counseling and mental health, this center has delivered many success stories. In addition to offering alternative approaches to conventional recovery, Chapters is also recognized for providing guest comfort with exceptional accommodations, private rooms, and cell and laptop allowance. Those searching to begin a new “Chapter” in addiction recovery are encouraged to contact the facility today.

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