Salts Worldwide Releases Video Showing The History Of Salt and Why Unrefined Salt Is Better Than Refined Salt!

“Salt is essential for life.”
Salts Worldwide recently published a video on YouTube that shows the health difference between unrefined sea salt and refined salt as well as the history surrounding salt!

Salts Worldwide, a company focused on kosher unrefined sea salt has recently released a video that shows the brief history of salt as well as why unrefined sea salt is far more superior than refined salt.  Salts Worldwide hopes that this video will help educate and inform those wondering why would they want to pay more for a salt that is unrefined compared to a refined salt.  Salts Worldwide believes that a refined salt is not really salt anymore and should not be classified as salt.  Salt that is refined is heated to such extreme temperatures that it strips the salt of any beneficial nutritional components that it once possessed.

If the skeptical are not convinced by those facts alone, they will be shocked to know that their refined salt most likely contains dextrose, a common low quality form of sugar.  Salts Worldwide recently published a press release on this very issue alone and it is worth asking why is sugar in your refined salt? 

On top of the salt being dramatically altered by the examples listed, it goes much further when the salt is then chemically cleaned and dyed white to appear clean to consumers.  Those not yet convinced, may also want to compound all of those facts with the fact that most refined salt is then infused with other additives to prevent clumping as well as other anti-caking agents,  the result is a refined chemical, known as refined salt, that is not really salt anymore. Not only is unrefined salt nutritionally superior, but it tastes better too!

Learn about the unique nutritional benefits that unrefined sea salt can provide.  By giving our bodies what they need daily in a micro-trace form, we ensure that nutrients are properly absorbed, utilized, and not wasted.  Refined salt provides none of these benefits and has been shown to be up to 7 times harder for your body to digest. 

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Salts Worldwide is a gourmet salt and bath salt company that offers high quality kosher grade salts and bath salts.  All of their salts for food consumption are gourmet food quality.  Salts Worldwide offers a healthy alternative to regular salt and commercial salt.  They are located in Ossian, Indiana.

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