CAMBRIDGE, OH – 10 May, 2016 – “The multi-TRILLION dollar Internet of Things (“IoT“) prize  can only be realistically won through technology education, the collective solution being an authoritative research zone, the scale of which is Polymer Valley located in NE Ohio, the URL GAME-CHANGER OF ALL TIME and the default winner of the IoT prize, period.” – D.B. ‘Maverick’ Keller, President, Polymer Valley Media Corporation

The Internet, now over 25 years old, continues to remain ungrounded and unfocused, needing physical super-regionalization to grow vertically instead of horizontally. In order to overcome critical challenges currently inhibiting mass-global (IoT) uptake, large-scale deployment of a fully-grounded Authoritative Research Zone is needed, vertically siloed through Polymer Valley.

The IoT challenge symbolizes the Internet has finally reached its own critical mass, requiring a totally unified new system to lead the Web’s much-anticipated Third Wave we call, “The Polymer Valley Wave”.

This historic IoT solution will maximize the asset value of the entire country, exceeding any government program ever developed. (Note: we are not a .gov or state agency).

About Polymer Valley

Already a multi-billion dollar natural gas and shale oil center, Polymer Valley is nearly 300 times larger than Silicon Valley. With an additional multi-trillion dollar ever-appreciating IoT market cap, Polymer Valley’s planned Authoritative Research Zone will develop new IoT models, create and test new products, teach new leadership styles, teams and skill sets as the global investment hub of the IoT, and that is only the beginning – find out how this historic consolidated plan has the potential to unseat both Google and Facebook outlined through our Unified Social Network model linked through our main site.

Polymer Valley’s planned IoT research village network will complement each county’s demographics as independent World Research Centers (“WRC’s”) as per the following:

• Summit County: Polymer / Nanotech – WRC
• Portage County: Genome Project – WRC
• Trumbull County: Communications – WRC
• Stark County: Agrotechnology – WRC
• Columbiana County: Marine Biology – WRC
• Mahoning County: Computer Science – WRC

D.B. ‘Maverick’ Keller, Pres. & Chairman
Polymer Valley Media Corporation
Investors/partners/developers contact: info@polymervalley.com
Tele: 330.808.3922

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