US Megaquake to Initiate Dollar Crash and End Times on May 22, Says Expert Richard Ruhling

PRESCOTT AZ – 10 May, 2016 – A San Andreas/San Jacinto Earthquake is expected May 22, before millions of websites say the dollar will crash. (May 28, Google) Seismologists warn that the San Andreas Fault is “locked and loaded.” The San Jacinto Fault Zone includes San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego counties and it’s thought to have ruptured with the San Andreas 200 years ago. May 22 is biblical timing. Christ warn, “as the days of Noah.” He linked that same timing to money trouble in Matthew 25, says end-time prophecy expert, Dr. Richard Ruhling who looks for a warning event on May 17, also “as the days of Noah.”

The world glorifies science and scoffs at the Bible, but biblical timing of this earthquake to initiate end-times could remind us that God is the Author of science, and without the aid of Scripture, scientists often misinterpret the data, says Dr. Ruhlng who earned three science degrees before teaching at Loma Linda University.

He cites Christ who said leaders could read the weather but not discern the “signs of the times.” Still true, Ruhling contends that we have misunderstood Christ’s sayings that we can’t know the day or hour.

The Greek word for ‘know’ is eido, and it means to be aware, consider or understand. He was saying, You don’t understand. Each time He said it, He gave an example, “as the days of Noah,” for Passover (the biblical time for judgment) to come a month later as provided in the law of Numbers 9.

Israelites didn’t travel in winter. If they took a long journey and couldn’t get back for Passover, they were to keep it the 2nd spring month. In addition to this example of Noah’s time, Ruhling says three of Christ’s closing parables link to this ‘long-journey’ provision.

The “goodman” was on a long journey in Proverbs 7 (King James) and doesn’t come till the yom kece—full moon. Passover comes on a full moon, but a long journey means 2nd Passover – May 21/22, 2016.

We should “watch and pray” in order to be protected as Christ taught, says Ruhling. The goodman had his house broken (earthquake for us?) for not watching. The Greek word is gregoreo, and it means to be awake. Passover was the only night in the year Israel was to be awake, praying God would pass over them in judgment.

The same provision for a long journey ties Christ’s last two parables together. When five virgins missed the wedding, He said “watch, you don’t [understand]…it’s like a man traveling to a far country” and that last parable included a money shortage when the slothful servant didn’t know when to expect his master—he lost his talent (dollar crash?) The wise stewards were ready; maybe they understood 2nd Passover?

Ruhling says the master is Christ who took a long journey to heaven. His return (invisibly in judgment and for the wedding opportunity) must conform to the law that He said is in effect till heaven and earth pass. A huge event on 2nd Passover should convince Jews that Daniel’s 9th chapter was right re Messiah’s timing and so was Isaiah (53) right in portraying Him as a lamb. He accepted death at Passover for us.

Ruhling says the wedding parables are misunderstood as a rapture. God “executed judgment” on Egypt and took Israel to a covenant, later saying, “I am married to you…” He regarded the covenant as like a marriage relationship. The apostle Paul cited the Exodus as an example for us in 1Corinthians 10. Ruhling says the US has many parallels to Egypt like their killing infants as we have the unborn and we’re due for judgment.

A judgment event on May 22 would be a message for the world that economy shouldn’t be manipulated by greedy policies or politicians. Solomon said, “Righteousness exalts a nation…Fear God and keep His commandments.”

God’s commandments say nothing about global warming as an excuse to honor Sunday (Laudato Si’ paragraph 237) for church attendance in spite of Pope Francis’ appeal to US Congress and UN General Assembly. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,” Ruhling reminds politicians of the 1st Amendment and says banksters and the elite who hope to gain world control will see their cookie crumble.

He thinks a warning, “as the days of Noah,” may help us. Noah and the animals entered the ark on the 10th day of the 2nd month. Counting from the new moon crescent, we may be warned by an event on May 17. If so, it would be a good time to do a bank withdrawal and consider further information…

For reasons why 2016, readers can visit Ruhling’s website at where a link offers five “when-then” signs and a second link has three Bible timelines intersected by papal visits pointing to this year. Ruhling offers a free ebook, The Alpha & Omega Bible Code, on Amazon where most of his ebooks have 4-5 star reviews, and are free on Saturdays in May at

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