Instant Power has been featured in Mr. Checkout What’s Hot Catalog for Direct-Store Delivery Distributors and Wagon-Jobbers Nationwide

When All Else Fails.
Ready to Use
Keep Instant Power in Your Home and in your Car.
Charge Phone Immediately
Holds Charge 5 Years
Simply Plug In • Switch On • And Go, to Keep You & Your Smartphone Mobile.
Everyone Who Needs to Stay Connected & Mobile, Needs Instant Power
Instant Power is RECYCLABLE – Not Rechargeable

All Star Corporate Marketing and Rocky Mountain Sales & Marketing, LLC are proud to announce the introduction of Instant Power batteries to the Mr. Checkout network.   Instant Power is a smart, sleek, powerful battery that comes charged and is designed for your hand held devices and to remain fully charged for up to 5 years while waiting to be used.  It’s designed to solve phone charge problems inherent with all outdoor activities (concerts, golf courses, camping, hiking, boating, hunting, amusement parks, etc.). 

Equally as important, unlike a rechargeable battery, Instant Power provides security in case of emergencies (power outages, auto breakdowns, storms, etc.) because it is “always ready.”  Instant Power, although not rechargeable, provides up to 9 hours of charge for most phones.  Instant Power should be in every car in the family, every student’s backpack, and daughter’s handbag. Instant power can be a lifesaver for those emergency moments. Simply plug in, switch on and go.

Rocky Mountain President, Wayne Helm, said, “We are very excited to launch Instant Power with Mr. Checkout.  This product is a perfect solution for the connected, active family as well as an insurance policy during a weather emergency.  The price point makes this a great value.  I put one in every glove box.   Additionally, a great feature of Instant Power is that it can be easily personalized for any corporate outing.” 

Additional features of the Instant Power battery include that it holds its charge up to 5 years, quick-charging with up to 9 hours of charge for most phones, disposable/recyclable, indicator light, 5V/800mA output, 1400mAh Capacity and attractive counter displays.

Never miss a chance to snap your friends on Snap Chat, upload a photo on Instagram, post an update on Facebook, or tweet your favorite tweet.

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