Reflective Safety Vest Manufacturer Advises Safety First During Unpredictable Summer Weather

Summer Weather Can Cause Accidents Due to Complacency Of Walkers, Runners, Cyclists & Hikers

The dark evenings and sometimes dark days of the winter months are a great reminder to all of us when we go outside that we need to be aware of our visibility when we come into the proximity of vehicles. Whether it is walking the dog in the neighbourhood, jogging or running for exercise or cycling through country lanes, the lack of light due the shorter days gives a stark indicator to take care.

As evenings get lighter, some people see this as a sign that less care needs to be taken when they are out near roads. But, in a statement today by reflective safety vest manufacturer MoonRunner, they advised even though lighter evenings may be cause for seemingly better visibility, that actually extra care should be taken.  This is because anyone out exercising in the evening could encounter unforeseen weather conditions that could endanger their safety due to not having taken adequate safety precautions.

Spokesperson Jessica Thompson explained, “The lighter months of spring and summer can be as dangerous as the winter months. It may be light when you go for your run, the sun may be shining and visibility may be good but people forget that weather conditions can change very quickly. This could be in the form of fast storm fronts brining rain, fog, sea mist if you are on the coast or dust storms in drier states. Other fast happening events such as increased traffic can compromise safety and we want to let people know that they must take the same safety precautions during summer as they would at any other time of the year.”

She continued, “The difference in the accident incidence does drop in summer months but only by less than 40%. This means that a lot pf people are falling victim to the complacency induced by the additional light conditions. We want to warn every person, all runners, cyclists, hikers, and motorcyclists to continue to take the same care in summer as they do in winter so we can reduce these figures further.”

MoonRunner is the manufacturer and distributor of the MoonRunner Reflective Safety Vest for runners, walkers, joggers, cyclists and motorcyclists. The Deluxe version of the fluorescent safety vest comes in two  sizes and is made from the highest quality 3M Scotchlite and adjusts via Velcro straps to fit most sizes and give a full 360 degree visibility range when worn. The durable mesh material makes it extremely light and breathable, ideal for wearing during the warmer summer months. The vest also contains a hidden pocket so that the wearer can easily store items such as their iPhone or Android device and will accommodate the latest models by Apple and Samsung such as the iPhone 6 plus or Samsung S6. The product also includes two reflective strips that may be used as wrist or ankle bands to further enhance visibility and a laundry bag for storage and washing.

The MoonRunner Reflective Running Safety Vest (Deluxe) is available exclusively for purchase on Amazon USA. For a limited period, the vest will be available to purchase at a discount to its RRP (Recommended retail price).


MoonRunner Retail is the manufacturer and sole distributor of the MoonRunner Reflective Running Safety Vest (Deluxe). The vest can be purchased on Amazon USA and for more information please go to their product page at

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