Celebrating A Child’s Birthday in Pompano Beach’s Life’s a Beach Water Sports

At Life’s a Beach Watersports located at Ft. Lauderdale, South Florida, we are known for our thrilling Jet Ski rentals. The joy you receive when riding one of our jet ski’s on a beautiful sunny afternoon will bring a smile to your face instantly. It is an exhilarating feeling to race at firm speeds as if you were flying over the water. Jet Skiing is a popular water sport in the South Florida area to both locals and tourists.
Fun in the sun is around the corner and summer is near!

If you are thinking of how to give your child a very memorable birthday, you clearly don’t have to think twice because Life’s a Beach Water Sports in Pompano Beach, Florida clearly has some of the best fun activities that your kid and his friends will surely love. And even if you limit your kid’s birthday celebration as a family affair, there will always be fun beach activitiesfor everyone.

One great way to celebrate your kid’s birthday is by getting a family special at the Life’s a Beach Water Sports. You are already assured an entire cabana for the rest of the day in addition to free banana boat rides for 4 members of the family. So, either you want to spend the rest of the day just having some fun by the beach and enjoying some great barbecue fun by your cabana or simply assisting the kids have a take at building the best sandcastle they could ever think of, there simply is a lot of things you can do to make your kid’s special day a truly memorable one.

You can also take your kid and his friends to snorkel in one of the designated areas of the beach. You can be sure that the diverse marine life underneath the waves of the beach will stimulate the curiosity in your kid and his friends. They will simply be mesmerized at the beautiful corals that line the beach and hope that they could Nemo, Marlin, and Dory somewhere in one of those anemones.

How about pulling your kids and his friends on board their boogie boards? That would really be one of the most fun activities for your kids and their friends as they skim over the surface of the waves lapping at the beach. Now, if they are adventurous enough you can actually teach them a thing or two about skim boarding, although the surf is not really that big like the tunnels off the coast of Hawaii.

One of the best water sports activities you can allow your child to enjoy will be riding a jet ski. Now, depending on the age of your child, you have to observe certain limitations as well as safety protocols. If you are going to drive the jet ski yourself, make sure that you don’t go that fast. So, watch your speed. This will surely make your kid remember this day and treasure it for the rest of his life. Your kids and his friends will also have fun riding a stand-up paddle board or even a kayak. This is one great way to have excellent water fun for kids.

Now, you can also try introducing your kid and his friends to the art of drift fishing. It is an excellent way to introduce kids to tuna, snapper, kingfish, mackerel, and grouper as well as other marine fish that are found off the coast of South Florida. If this cannot be classified as fun activities, then nothing else will.

If you are still thinking about how to give your kid a really great birthday, think Life’s a Beach. You will simply be glad you made the choice.

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