Blog Site Publishes Review on the Green Drink, Athletic Greens Superfood

A social interaction and dating advice site have published a review on Athletic Greens Superfood, a supplement that unlike other green drinks has a pleasant taste and contains all the multivitamins, minerals, and herbs people need to boost energy levels and digestive health.

According to the site author of what he likes about Athletic Greens and what makes it different from other green drinks is its pleasant taste. The reviewer describes it as having a sweet and sour taste with a mixture of raspberry and artificial sweetener, which comes from the stevia plant. The products benefits are derived from the 8.5 grams of organic super foods it contains. These include organic wheatgrass juice powder, red beet root powder, spinach, kelp and other organic foods.

Athletic Greens also contains herbs and antioxidants such as Gotu kola, rosemary leaf extract, dandelion root and milk thistle – ingredients normally found in separate supplements. The product also includes co-enzyme Q-10, which has been known to be good for skin, and reishi and shiitake mushrooms, and probiotics that help people maintain the health of their digestive system.

What adds credibility to the review is the fact that author used Athletic Greens himself and has experienced positive results, which include a considerable increase in energy levels and solid and healthy stools, a sign of a healthy digestive system. The author adds further kudos to the review by quoting Tim Ferriss, well-known self-help and personal development writer and entrepreneur, who also recommends and uses the product: “My favorite greens supplement. This is my all-in-one greens insurance policy. It contains 76 ingredients, including insulin for bacterial balance.”

Nevertheless, the author was also careful to point out the cons of Athletic Greens, which include the absence of a scoop, which led to spillage of a product when using a spoon, and the use of stevia as a sweetener even though it is classed as a herb. He also points out to his readers that Athletic Greens is a supplement and only serves as the add-on to a healthy lifestyle, which includes diet and exercise. is a site that aims to provide readers with information on social dynamics, self-help, dating, relationships and personal development.Interested readers can find more information on

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