Anti-Trump Satire – “The Laughter Clinic” Gains Momentum with IndieGoGo Crowd Funding Launch

Screenplay reading in London’s West End on 1st June

London, UK – Tinpan films announced today they are holding a reading in London UK on 1st June 2016 for their new hilarious film, The Laughter Clinic.

The crew is aiming to begin filming later this year and as a sign of the international resistance to Trump – and what he stands for – a host of acting talent are gathering to read this satirical dystopian film.

THE STORY – sneak preview

The Laughter Clinic is set in New York in a world where comedy has been banned and the new freedom fighters are stand-up comedians.

The great Southern Wall has been built, all Mexicans have been deported, and Muslims have been locked up alongside the liberals, trade unionists, artists and musicians. The last group to hold out are the stand-up comedians. Already used to working underground, these brave few form the last line of resistance.

Want to know more? Help us get the project off the ground and be part of the film being brought to life. The best way we can make this a reality is with your help and crowd funding is the logical choice. Please support us anyway you can and visit our Indiegogo page today!

The Team

The project has been created by BAFTA nominated film director Ed Blum with communication Expert and Executive Producer Nick Smallman supporting the development of the film. The screenplay has been years in development, with Ed collaborating with writers and comedians both in the US and the UK.

Ed’s first film, Scenes of A Sexual Nature, managed to gather an incredible cast, Ewan McGregor (Star Wars), Tom Hardy (Mad Max), H Sophie Okenedo (Hotel Rwanda), and Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead) to name a few. The film was made for only  £200k ($300K) yet went on to be nominated for a BIFA award and successfully sold around the world.

Writer/Director – Ed Blum

 ‘If there is one time when people need to stand up and be counted it is now. But there are many forms of opposition. Mine is comedy. Make fun of the people creating fear. Laugh at them. Mock them. It is a compassionate, human and fun way of making your voice heard by standing your ground,’ explained Ed.

Executive Producer – Nick Smallman

‘The rise of Trump has surprised many, but all of the ingredients have been there for a while. A disengaged public, frustrated by the ruling classes and a charismatic reality star who’s ability to build an effective Personal Brand is second to none,’ Nick explained.

The filmmakers have established an IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign to help raise money for the screenplay reading and then for getting the actual film into production. If you want to see this film made as much as we’d love to make it now is your chance to get involved, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Tinpan films are a small, independent studio and they have had great successes with their creative visions to date. Nick Smallman and Ed Blum are both available for interviews. 

For more information, visit their Indiegogo fundraising page.

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