dcFlairCast Successfully Launches Groundbreaking In-House LIVE TV Video Overlay System Changing the way Restaurants Bars Nightclubs present live TV FOREVER

The ubiquitous TV. Walk in to any bar, pub, restaurant, sports bar or nightclub and see TVs everywhere. Typically showing news, weather and, of course, sports. It is also showing (in many cases) advertising of the food and beverage outlets competitors. Live TV is a ‘must have’ in almost every food and beverage outlet. The actual true “control” of those TVs has evaded the owner/operator for years, until now.

After five years of development and two years of field testing, Atlanta-based Flaircast/FlairTab is proud to announce the extremely successful first city launch with Washington, DC.  The patent pending dcFlairCast unit (and monthly web-based service) integrates your marketing content with third-party entertainment (Cable/Satellite/FIOS/DVD/Custom) to create a ‘custom channel’ delivered directly to your TVs in your locations. Now Food and Beverage outlets can have a TV channel that endorses and promotes their business while still playing ANY live TV channel.

Dubbed “dcFLairCast,” Washington, DC was chosen as the first launch city for its diverse and transitional population. “The feedback and acceptance has been phenomenal,” said Mark Boudreau, Senior Vice President of dcFlairCast. “On March 1st, when we launched, we knew DC had all the test elements, but now, just 90 days later, we are all still a bit shocked at the penetration rate, how quick the word has spread and how truly pleased everyone is with dcFlairCast,” Mr. Boudreau added.

Bar, Restaurant and Nightclub owners want to display live TV on their screens since it’s relatively easy to do and in reality, customers demand it. The unique, one of a kind dcFlairCast technology system provides owners/operators the ability to create their own private HDTV channels. A unique ‘dcFlairCast Box’ appliance allows Full-HD 1080p video input source to be used as one of the zones on the TV screens surrounded by custom branded marketing messaging designed to keep customers engaged, informed and increase sales.

Previous, and in some cases current, efforts at “TV Control Branding Video Overlay” have been expensive, limited to NO Live TV, and overall unsuccessful and distracting. These problems have been completely solved AND ELIMINATED with dcFlairCast.  Other systems ONLY play a static social media page/image or YouTube feed, NOT a live TV channel. Not so with dcFlairCast. “Our F & B clients recognize the benefits of showcasing their own custom channel rather than traditional TV programming where their competitors can advertise,” offered SVP Boudreau. “At dcFLairCast, we believe that a large part of marketing success results from being in the right place at the right time. This means strategically placing your marketing content where consumers can easily see and act on it: Inside your business ON those TVs customers constantly watch.”

The simple principle and math of selling more to current customers, rather than expending effort, income and resources on attracting NEW customers in a highly competitive market-place is now strategically possible with dcFlairCast. Same-Store-Sales (SSS) increases can now be expected and further enhanced. Mr. Boudreau added, “Live, in-house content that can increase consumer awareness while strengthening a F & B outlets marketing outreach, brand image and Same-Store-Sales is by far valuable and necessary in this competitive market-place. Customers watch those TVs for sure, try turning if off.”


The dcFlairCast system consists of a patent pending, proprietary “box” that goes between your third-party provider (Cable/Satellite/FIOS/DVD/Custom) and your TVs. The “box” is HDMI/Wi-Fi and Cat 6 equipped. Once installed, powered and web connected, the dcFlairCast box is controlled by a web-based portal, accessible anywhere web service is available on any computer (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smart-Phone) platform device.

The Android-based software and custom board appliance produce a “5-Zone Image” on each TV. Zone 1 is the live TV broadcast (or whatever input is used, i.e., YouTube, DVD, Computer output, other). Zone 2 is changeable (in real time) digital slides. Zone 3 is a scrolling ‘ticker’ than can be programmed or changed in real time. Zone 4 is a static date/time. Zone 5 is a static image, typically a location for a branded logo of the bar, restaurant or nightclub. The web-based portal is very simple and intuitive to use. Owners/Operators can pre-program branding messages and “Set it and Forget it” OR change the branding messages in real-time. There is no delay or ‘lag’ time. Once updated in the web portal, the TV will reflect any changes made almost instantly. Images (Logos, pictures, flyers, digital slides, announcements, etc.) for the branding elements are easily uploaded and stored to the web-based portal.

The 5-Zone platform produces a TV image that is about 75% live broadcast and 25% branding/marketing messages. During the 2 year testing period in Atlanta, research and feedback indicated upwards of a 30%+ INCREASE in sales of items featured in the messaging. Feedback, over the last 90 days in the current Washington, DC launch, has indicated the same if not higher sales increases. NO complaints were ever noted or received from consumers. In fact, many customers thought it was some sort of, “very expensive, custom advertising channel provided by local cable providers.”

The dcFlairCast box appliance is available to own (NOT a lease or rental like others) for under $200 and can control up to four (4) TVs. Monthly portal service varies, based on units, and begins at only $59 per month. Annual web portal service plans are also available. 





Mr. Boudreau is available for interviews. Please call or email to schedule.


Mark Boudreau – SVP

202.695.1020 / 800.527.1532


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