Ninebot Becomes the World’s First Company to Achieve US UL2272 Safety Certification for Self-balancing Vehicles.

A manufacturer of self-balancing vehicles obtains the world’s first US UL2272 safety certification authorization certificate, which covers safety standards for the electrical drive system and product quality in harsh environments.

Ninebot INC. passed all safety tests that come under the UL2272 certification. This includes a complete assessment of product documentation relating to materials, key components, mechanical structure, the battery management system and safety protection systems. Ninebot’s sample scooter was assessed in terms of mechanical, functional, electrical and battery safety. Examples of testing criteria include the battery must not burn or explode if pierced, exposed to water, overcharged, over-discharged or if an external force is applied to it.

Ninebot’s attainment of UL2272 certification demonstrates the manufacturer’s leading position in product quality and safety, which have always been a priority since its foundation. As a result, the company set a benchmark for the industry and provided reassurance for its customers. This is in the context of a rapidly growing and chaotic self-balancing vehicle industry, where there have been many incidents of defective batteries causing hover boards to self-ignite or explode causing several injuries.

Such incidents have led the US Consumer Product Safety Committee (CPSC) to investigate the safety of self-balancing vehicles and to demand all device manufacturers conform to UL2272 certification. UL2272 cover strength and safety tests including overloading, battery pack safety in extreme conditions, electrical safety, a durability of the vehicle’s shell and weather resistance.

Since Ninebot has led the way in quality and safety, its R&D engineers were invited to help revise UL2272 so as to develop an industry that is based on even higher standards. Unfortunately, not all countries have national standards that ensure the quality and safety of self-balancing vehicles. Consequently, Ninebot hopes to work with the US government to develop global standards to make sure the industry is safe and provides reliable products for consumers around the world.

Ninebot INC. was founded in 2012 by a group of robot engineers interested in developing innovative technologies for use in environmental protection and artificial intelligence. The company develops and sells short distance transportation devices such as the Ninebot E and the Ninebot One and a range of accessories.

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