WeeTect Begins Supplying Anti-scratch Coated Polycarbonate Sheet to Helmet Visor and Face Shield Manufacturers in Europe

WeeTect announces the expansion of anti-scratch coated polycarbonate sheet market in Europe. This is an attempt to expand its distribution network within the European region. While addressing a press conference today morning at the main factory in Shanghai, Taylors Lei, WeeTect’s product manager said the first consignment is expected to arrive in Europe by Thursday, May 31, 2016.

“We consider Europe a promising and dynamic market with a high demand for helmet visors and face shields due to the high number of automotive industries,” said Taylor Lei. “This expansion is an indication of our commitment to ensure that, helmet visors and face shield manufacturers boost their profitability and brand awareness through our ODM & OEM business opportunities. Our company has also considered building a large warehouse that will help increase its production capacity.”

About WeeTect anti-scratch coated polycarbonate sheet

This is a high-quality engineered thermoplastic that can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. The anti-scratch coating is applied either by flow or dip coating.

To ensure its effectiveness and reliability, the company uses either UV or thermo curing mechanisms. Anti-scratch coated polycarbonate sheet by WeeTect can be customized for any type of helmet visors or face shields.

This polycarbonate sheet can be fabricated either by punching or CNC cutting. It will depend on a customized shape and model of either the helmet visor or face shield.

WeeTect’s polycarbonate sheet may feature any of these 5 different anti-scratch coatings depending on the application. These include:

• General use anti-scratch coating with a hardness of >1H.

• Upgraded anti-scratch coating with hardness of >3H.

• Superior anti-scratch coating with hardness ranging between 8H and 9H.

• Optical grade anti-scratch coating.

• Thermoformable anti-scratch coating.

A number of face shields and helmet visors are also designed to specific environmental conditions. WeeTect has also formulated a mechanism to solve such problems. The manufacturing companies that would wish to be in the WeeTect’s anti-scratch polycarbonate sheet OEM or ODM business model, should specify additional technology they require. For this reason, WeeTect has invested in 5 main technologies, which include:

• UV resistance

• Abrasion resistance

• Anti-glare

• Anti-graffiti

• Anti-fog

The first can be blended together with the anti-scratch coating. However, to make this polycarbonate fog resistant, anti-fog and anti-scratch are applied to opposite sides of the polycarbonate sheet. That is, one side of the sheet will have anti-fog while the other side anti-scratch.

By the way, WeeTect Published a 20K guide of anti fog solution, you can check here: http://www.weetect.com/anti-fog-solution-guide/

Benefits of WeeTect anti-scratch coated polycarbonate sheet

Helmet visors and face shield manufacturers will be guaranteed of the following:

• Cost advantage

• Impact resistant sheet.

• Optical class 1 surface

• Low light distorting

• Superior anti-scratch performance.

According to the European standard safety laws and regulations, this product has been tested and it complies with:

• ANSI Z87.1

• EN 166

• EN 170

“Again, we are happy to announce that we shall be recruiting more anti-scratch coated polycarbonate sheet in Europe to expand our leadership in this industry,” said Taylors Lei. “We are also focusing on faster progress to ensure all our OEM and ODM partners achieve more profitability within the shortest time possible. For now, we shall only deal directly with product resellers and distributors.”

About WeeTect

WeeTect Material Limited’s mother company WS plastic lens has been in this industry since 1993. By 1998, they had delivered their first 1 million visors besides investing $3 million for a military face shield. WeeTect is investing in quite a number of anti-scratch and anti-fog products. The new products available in the market include anti-solution for IP camera, instrument clusters and speedometer.

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