My Sigma Six Trainer Is Offering Companies A New And Better Way To Train Their Employees

Atlanta, GA – At many organizations, Six Sigma is synonymous with a measure of quality that strives for near perfection. Six Sigma is a methodology that utilizes statistics to measure the performance and capability of a process or product. The training that clients receive through organizations such as My Six Sigma Trainer helps to develop a system that enables companies to achieve stable and predictable business processes. In the end, Six Sigma training courses are geared towards providing users with a step-by-step methodology and tools that, when used effectively, could result in significantly higher levels of customer and employee satisfaction with lower product costs and much shorter cycle times.

My Six Sigma Trainer recently announced that they are unveiling a new line of leadership skills training to supplement their existing line of online Lean Six Sigma Online Courses. Thanks to this new line of training, now available from the company, business leaders will be able to train employees in their respective companies on the proper techniques to not only apply Lean Six Sigma but also to be able to use effective change management, influencing and other leadership skills for maximum impact on their projects. This enables them to be able to achieve proper resolution to any type of problems, be it transactional process, manufacturing, or even personnel issues.

The courses are designed to pull in aspects of both Lean Six Sigma and soft skills. Lean Six Sigma courses teach the waste reduction of Lean, while focusing on the ideas of eliminating defects, based on critical to quality characteristics. Training for Lean Six Sigma is provided via a belt based level system similar to that of Six Sigma. For each new belt level, skill sets are available which describe the overall Lean Six Sigma tools that are expected to be a part of that particular level. These skill sets provide a detailed description of the learning elements that participants will have acquired after completion of a particular training program.

“Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that relies on a collaborative team effort to improve performance,” explain David Grimes, a spokesman for the company. “The training is heavily statistical and focuses on project management and problem solving in order to systematically remove the various different types of company waste. Those that are trained in Lean Six Sigma are seeing proven results in several areas of their businesses, and they are able to go in and teach their employees a lot of the training they’ve learned themselves. Because teamwork is a driving force when it comes to six sigma projects, it’s important to make sure that these types of leadership skills are also offered so your entire team is not only equipped with the technical aspects of lean or six sigma but also with the soft skills necessary to work with various types of stakeholder personalities.

Implementation of tools developed in the Six Sigma courses helps to create an environment that naturally promotes the culture of continuous improvement. Simply put, these courses not only work the first time around, they help to ensure that the skills participants learn throughout the training will become a part of the DNA and enables them to continuously strive to improve their business by developing stable processes that eliminate waste, reduces cycle time and improves employee productivity.

My Six Sigma Trainer invites those interested in the Lean Six Sigma and other leadership courses (such as change management, facilitation skills, influencing sills, time management SKILLS, etc) to Contact them for further information on the value of the training and price points of the courses.

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