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Pak2Pak Architects / Design, Engineering and Planning
Founded in 2008, Pak2Pak Architects has established a strong customer base through its exceptional customer service and commitment to delivering the best.

Muscat, Bousher – May 16, 2016 – Pak2Pak Architects is a team of design specialists who together have built one of the best architectural firms in Oman and within a short time span of only 8 years. Pak2Pak Architects has laid the foundation for success in a number of projects ranging from single luxury villas to mammoth residential complexes.

Pak2Pak Architects can be considered as a complete source of support in urban development projects as the team works closely with the client right from evaluating a potential space for construction to developing complete construction-related documents for projects of varying volumes.

One of the strongest assets of Pak2Pak Architects that has turned the organization into one of the best home designers in Oman is their versatile team. The team at Pak2Pak Architects is a culmination of experts from various areas of specialization who come together with one single aim- redefining living spaces like never before.

Not only do the building designers in Oman focus on the aesthetic value of a building or villa but ensures that the space is subjected to maximum use and every component of the building in present to perform a definitive function. While crafting the unique home design, the team from Pak2Pak architects works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and desires. This helps them to rationalize the design process and streamline it better.

A senior member of the team at Pak2Pak Architects exclaims, “Cooperation with the company ensures a high quality design objects of any degree of complexity to the world standards, optimization of the timing of their implementation, application of modern Western technology, strict control of the process realization projects. An important role is also played by the rational organization of design process, the professionalism of the staff and technical equipment of the office.”

About Pak2Pak Architects

Backed by a strong team of expert designers and thought leaders from the world of urban architecture, Pak2Pak is the place to go for visually appealing as well as highly functional buildings in an urban setup.

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