The Truth of How Venezuela Slid into Crisis

“CNN’s title on Venezuela addressed the obvious–falling oil prices, but it failed to see how energy, healthcare, literacy, government and religion play a role,” says Dr. Richard Ruhling who spent time in Venezuela and offers the following insights.

The economy was booming with high prices for everything, thanks to their oil. CNN’s paragraph on Energy included a graphic of Coca Cola. Dr. Ruhling remembers it differently after pulling teeth in a Caracas dental clinic because Coca Cola was so successful as marketing their drink that teeth were so rotten, they were easy to pull. Half the poor people couldn’t read or write.

For healthcare, CNN cited the Pharmaceutical Federation of Venezuela that the country lacks 80% of basic medical supplies needed. Drug companies cry for help to pay for drugs that would be needless if swamps were drained to get rid of mosquitos carrying yellow fever and if people had clean water to drink instead of pollution and Amebic dysentery, says Ruhling whose degree in Public Health and Medicine led to his teaching Health Science at Loma Linda University later.

Ruhling says healthcare is 90% what people put in their mouths. The use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sugary drinks, refined and packaged foods cause most health problems in most nations. Venezuela’s probems may have changed, but nutrtition and sanitation is 90% of healthcare if people wouldn’t do drugs (prescriptions, over the counter, in beverages, cigarettes, bad habits.)

Ruhling decries calling Obamacare “healthcare” when so much of its 20,000 pages were written by drug companies, but adverse drug reactions have made medical care a leading cause of illness and death. Every country practicing western medicine is on the brink of bankruptcy.

When Ruhling flew into Caracas he witnessed a communist demonstration for the president of Cuba who was arriving at the same time. Ruhling was told that Communism finds fertile ground in poor ignorant people, promising a false prosperity that politicians also offer here.

Some high-sounding philosophy is based on ignorance of biblical principles—if a man doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat. Venezuela is lush with vegetation. They wouldn’t have to be poor.

Getting to the core of the problem, Ruhling observes that those countries of Latin America were colonized in the New World at the same time America was founded. Why such a dramatic difference in destiny? Their natural resources and rain forests should make them equal or ahead of America that has vast waste lands in western states.

Ruhling notes that Latin America was colonized by priests while America was founded by men and women who risked their lives to flee the papacy in the Old World for freedom here. Our Constitution kept the church out of politics (different from Catholic countries) and we did well until prosperity blunted our spiritual perceptions to think everything is okay.

We love Reagan for his quick wit and for getting Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, but he also appointed an ambassador to the Vatican—something Truman could not do because of protest after Rome signed a concordat with Hitler to make the world Catholic when Hitler won.

Reagan was weak on history (show biz?) and he agreed with John Paul to open our border, and he ok’d REX 84 detention camps for illegal aliens. Now aliens are welcome but protesters of a New World Order may be taken to FEMA camps for re-education or…? Ruhling cites online sources and notes the pope riding a beast that represents New World Order in Revelation 17.

“America is like a rebellious teenager who is old enough to choose for himself and those choices often lack wisdom,” says Ruhling. He sees America as unable to avert the consequences of bad decisions for more than a generation. It’s now what the majority want.

Ruhling says that God has a plan, but it’s not the rapture that most Evangelicals misunderstand from the wedding parables. His article on a May 21/22 event has had 8700 views at and more information by following its links. His ebooks like The Alpha & Omega Bible Code have mostly 4-5 star reviews on Amazon at

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