Dr. Madre Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Helps Decrease Risk Of Getting Hospital-Acquired Infections

Using Dr. Madre non-contact infrared thermometer helps avoid the spread of bacterial and viral infections in public health facilities like hospitals and clinics.  

One of the risks of going to health facilities is acquiring infections because of the large number of sick children, as well as adults in them. When going to health facilities, checking the temperature is one of the first thing nurses do to determine vital signs. Nurses usually use the same equipment, such as the thermometer, to every patient. This is one possible reason why some patients get hospital-acquired infection.

There are several types of thermometer, and most of them require skin-to-skin contact when being used. The most commonly used thermometer is the regular digital thermometer that can be used in the armpit, mouth, and rectum.

For infants, it is more popular to use rectal digital thermometer because it is believed to be the most accurate. However, it is also the most challenging to use because infants find it uncomfortable. Oral and armpit thermometer are recommended for children 3 years and older. It is when the children can close their mouths or stand still when temperature check is needed. It is also the most difficult stage when children know what they want and do not want. It is important to sanitize these kinds of thermometer before and after use to make sure there will be no body fluid transfers.

Another type of thermometer is the ear thermometer where the the temperature is measured inside the ear through an infrared scanner. There is also hygiene problems when it comes to ear thermometer because earwax can also be transmitted through it when not properly cleaned after using on one patient to another. Ear infections are also common among children and adults.

Dr. Madre non-contact infrared thermometer is one of the safest thermometers. It avoids the spread of contact infection when in health facilities. Its non-contact feature lets taking temperature touch-free, which eliminates the chance of getting contact infections. New studies also suggest that non-contact infrared thermometers like Dr. Madre are the most accurate when taking temperature.   

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