The book ‘Coinman’ grabs bronze in 2016 eLit Book Awards for Literary Fiction

Author Pawan Mishra’s debut comic novel Coinman: An untold Conspiracy has received bronze in 2016 eLit Book Awards for Literary Fiction. Mishra’s humorous novel has received several other critical acclamations and a great reader feedback on Amazon as well. His book also stood as a finalist in 2016 National Indie Excellence Award for Humor.

One of the Amazon users John D mentions in his review, “This book about Coinman took me to places that I never expected and that is what made it so wonderful. Everything that Coinman does just brought up more questions. There were times that I thought I knew where the story was going only to be quickly proven wrong and be pulled into another direction. The way the story was told worked well and the plotting was very detailed. I love a story that can keep me guessing and I was completely shocked by the things that I learned by the end of the story. I would highly recommend this book to others. I really think that any reader who enjoyed a cleverly plotted book filled with twists and turns will enjoy this one. I plan to continue to read Pawan Mishra’s work and can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.”

“Coinman’ is the protagonist of the book who is a junior level office worker in India. He has a number of eccentricities and is mainly a laughing stock of the office. Even at his home, he finds no relief as his wife named ‘Imli’ is an obsessed actress who completely immerses herself into every role. Some of the people in his own office including the tough and huge bully named Hukum, beautiful enchantress Tulsi and the office sage Ratiram unite together to conspire against Coinman. While they come together to form a conspiracy they have no idea about a certain terrible situation building up inside the office.

Some of the renowned critical platforms such as Indiereader has given 5 star rating to the book and mentioned “This articulate, wryly amusing creation focuses on simple situations that often have an unexpected, almost magical, twist” while Kirkus review says, “Mishra’s debut comic novel is an absurdist tale of office and personal politics set in a small town in northern India.” 

The author has taken up normal situations of life yet managed to create a wry, intriguing and thought provoking story out of it. His story is enjoyable while the various characters are inspired from real life and the reader will be able to relate to them on certain levels.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format.

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