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UK startup Fur Heroes launch their ‘Survival Leash’ crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on the 16th May 2016 with the objective of keeping dog lovers safe.

The humble dog leash is something often overlooked, an everyday item that we grab as we head out with our dogs, or something our four-legged friends drop at our feet with a hopeful wag of the tail. But what if it could be something more than that, something new and exciting, something that could maybe one day save your life.

The Survival Leash was designed and tested by people who love dogs and love the great outdoors. The result is a quality leash that looks deluxe but feels robust and won’t let you down. 

The Survival Leash comes complete with a unique and patent pending set of essential survival and emergency tools.

The idea for a life saving dog leash really came to life when the monkey fist was added. It’s a truly unique feature and transforms the leash from an everyday object to one that you’ll be glad to have in an emergency. 

The Fur Heroes team carefully thought out the design of the leash to include features that make it truly functional. They include a handy D ring to attach the leash around your body and keep both hands free to play fetch, grapple with the map, or scramble up that mountain. 

Paracord is both strong and durable and ensures the Survival Leash will last a lifetime. If purchasers ever did need to unravel it in a survival situation then Fur Heroes ask for the story along with some images and they’ll send out a replacement for free. That’s their Leash For Life promise.

Fur Heroes offer a matching Collar & Cuff so adventurers can really rock out in survival style. The survival bracelet features it’s own set of essential tools for epic adventures and the matching collar means the world will see the friendship between dogs and their owners. 

If people already have a leash and collar that they love and simply can’t part with that’s ok, thy can upgrade it with the Survival Leash Attachment; a handy palm size tool that clips on to any lead or belt and will always be ready for adventure.

All of the Fur Heroes products are handmade and are available in two colors: burnt orange for daytime exploring and luminous yellow to keep dog lovers safe after dark.

Purchasers can choose between single or double weave for their Survival Leash and from a range of sizes in the Collar & Cuff, depending on the breed of dog.

Samantha would love to answer any questions that you may have for her and is delighted to share the preview link to the kickstarter campaign here: 

The campaign video can be found on the Kickstarter page and a link can also be found here:

About Samantha

Samantha Kitchen is 30 years old, studying for a degree in Environmental Science and recently become a self-employed company director.  Samantha has a Welsh Collie dog called Yogi who is 5 and her partner Richard Greenwood has a cross breed called Kel who is 14.  Samantha and Richard are dog lovers and outdoor enthusiasts who searched the market for a product such as the Survival Leash and when they could not find it they decided to invent it.

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