Thrinacia Reach Crowdfunding Service Launches to the Public

Metro Vancouver, BC – On May 10 2016, Thrinacia Inc. announced that they were launching their service and website crowdfunding widget, Reach, for the general public. Thrinacia Reach allows you to create your own advanced crowdfunding campaigns and host them directly on your own website via simple HTML widget code that can be copied and pasted into the website.

“With Reach there are no monthly fees or charges and campaigns are free to create and use,” explains Business Developer, Sebastian Klassman, “You can create campaigns for different causes such as donations, rewards, presales, fundraisers and so on. You also get to choose what type of campaign funding you want: All or Nothing or Keep It All.”

There are no limits on how many campaigns you can create and host with Thrinacia Reach, and they only charge 1% on any processed contributions. All credit card processing fees are separate and directly payable to Stripe. The service is available worldwide and there are already thousands of active campaigns using Thrinacia’s network.

“Reach will allow Thrinacia to offer a highly functional infrastructure (i.e. full white label crowdfunding website) with its Atlas engine and REST API,” says Klassman, “It will also allow Thrinicia to compete on the other fronts such as onsite presales and single campaigns, where players like Celery have been in high demand.”

Thrinacia Reach features an advanced crowdfunding widget developed in AngularJS 2 with Semantic UI, that uses Thrinacia proven Atlas engine and REST API. Reach offers full crowdfunding features such as Contributor Lists, Reward Levels, FAQ, Comments, Updates, single sign in system and so on through the use of CORS.

All it takes is few lines of HTML code to be pasted into any website and campaign is instantly enabled and running on that website (after it’s approved by Thrinacia Reach staff), thus effectively bypassing centralized websites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo and their much larger fees.

If you are ready to create your new Thrinacia Reach campaign you can click here!

For more information, please visit the Thrinacia website here or contact the team below. 

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