New Controversial Novel Promotes Lottery Tickets as the Answer to an International Trend of Cash-Strapped Churches and Congregations

The new book, available on Amazon as a Kindle download and as a paperback, takes the reader on an adventurous journey of a devout church lady who turns to the lottery to change her fortunes. At that time, she faced unemployment, foreclosure, car repossession, and eviction of her sick elderly parents from a nursing facility. Loretta: Secrets of a Red-Hot Lottery-Winning Church Lady is a book that mixes pleasure with excitement and horror to leave readers on the edge of their seats.

Dee Wright, author and former television talk show host concurrent with Oprah Winfrey at WJZ-TV, is pleased to announce the release of her latest book, titled “Loretta:  Secrets of a Red-Hot Lottery Winning Church Lady,” that’s sure to stir up controversy and rigorous debate.   The author has made extensive media appearances, including, among others, “The Charlie Rose Show” with her family of home-made robots, an Erma Bombeck segment on “Good Morning, America,” and a feature article in the New York Times.

Since 2010, 270 churches of all denominations, have been sold because they defaulted on mortgages, according to CoStar Group.  This trend is due primarily to diminished tithing, aging congregations on fixed incomes, and increased expenses.  Ironically, they all have something in common with the main character in author, Dee Wright’s, controversial new novel: Loretta:  Secrets of a Red-Hot Lottery-Winning Church Lady.  They’re cash-strapped. 

Some church leaders are apparently open to members donating lottery winnings to provide much-needed funds for community outreach and necessary expenses.  A Lottery Post news story published on October 19, 2015 indicated that Father Abramo at a “cash-strapped parish in northern Italy asked parishioners to give scratch-off lottery tickets instead of monetary offerings during mass.”  An Associated Press article on September 11, 2008, stated that “Pastor Bernard Crabbe of True North Community Church in Port Jefferson, New York, announced a parishioner had donated a winning $3 million lottery ticket to the church,” earning $100,000 annually through 2028.”  Pastor Scott Thomas of Lake Charles, LA, refused a deacon’s portion of lottery winnings for the church’s building fund.  The congregation wanted the money and fired him.

Facing financial collapse, Loretta sat in the sanctuary one Sunday morning praising the Lord as her car was being repossessed from the church parking lot.  The following Sunday, Loretta had a visual epiphany of lottery numbers to play based on her pastor’s sermon and Scriptures.  The author coined the phrase, “lotto-sermonoid,” to describe Loretta’s spiritual lottery playing system.  But, something miraculous happened: Loretta went on an amazing multi-million-dollar lottery winning streak, enabling her to bail out grateful, cash-strapped churches and people.  On May 13, 2016, a family of eight shared a Powerball jackpot worth $429 million dollars.  One of the winners said publicly that she would donate some of it to her church. 

Perhaps, we’re nearing that day when the pastor announces that, “starting next Sunday, Saints, we will have in the church lobby, next to the ATM, a LOTTERY MACHINE!”

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