McDonald Vapor Co. has been featured in Mr. Checkout What’s Hot Catalog for Direct-Store Delivery Distributors and Wagon-Jobbers Nationwide

Featured above is McDonald Vapor Co.’s Elixir #4.
High-quality e-liquid products by McDonald Vapor Co. offer a unique opportunity for convenience stores, and the company’s distributor has highlighted the products as a popular pick.

CENTER, Mo. – A paradigm shift is occurring in the means of nicotine consumption, and McDonald Vapor Co. is paving the way forward. This month, the company is proud to announce that a major distribution company, Mr. Checkout, has noticed the e-cigarette creator’s commitment to quality and has included its e-liquid products in their What’s Hot Catalog.

By 2025, the wildly profitable e-liquid industry is expected to surpass conventional cigarettes in sales. Owner and CEO of McDonald Vapor Co., Cole McDonald, explains, “Until recently, the method of nicotine procurement was relatively mundane. Consumers would visit any one of the 154,000 convenience stores in the United States and purchase the same big-brand pack of cigarettes they always have. The future looks a bit different. Our fledgling industry, which until recently didn’t register on the public’s radar, is expanding rapidly. Vapor aficionados demand more.”

Currently, consumers must visit vapor shops to purchase quality e-liquid products. While these shops typically offer esoteric products and service, the element of convenience has yet to catch up with the vaporizer, which Public Health England has deemed 95% less detrimental to users’ health than the ubiquitous traditional cigarette. McDonald Vapor Co. is working toward bridging the gap by offering high-quality vapor products at a reasonable price in regular convenience stores.

“At McDonald Vapor Co., we utilize specific psychological traits to attract potential customers,” said McDonald. “Our product’s design, flavor profile and marketing methods are the result of intense calculation intended to captivate in a manner foreign to all existing competitors. Having operated successfully in many industries before shifting our attention to e-liquid, I’m confident in our ability to generate revenue for c-stores, vapor shops, and the like. I look forward to the industry’s and specifically McDonald Vapor Co.’s continued, rapid growth.”

The distinct matte-black skull bottle distinguishes itself from other vapor products, immediately signaling trusted quality to in-the-know vapor users.

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