Stretchy “Woven Wraps” Baby Carriers Provide Ergonomic Comfort and Support for Newborns

17 May, 2016 – Woven Wraps is simply a long piece of cloth that can be used in a variety of positions to carry your baby from the earliest newborn days through the toddler to preschooler phase. Stretchy Woven Wraps is a great starter wrap for newborns and young babies. Woven Wraps is truly all-in-one baby carrier and provide ergonomic comfort and support for newborns through preschoolers on your front, hip, or back. These wraps are made out of soft cotton and can easily be shared between parents and caregivers of different sizes.

Although the long length of cloth may seem intimidating at first, learning to use a stretchy Woven Wraps is surprisingly easy, it is simple to master with a bit of practice. It’s versatile, too – in the basic carry, baby can go forward facing in or out, legs tucked in or out. One of the best things about a Woven Wraps is that you can tie it on in the morning and pop baby in and out all day for diaper changes, nursing or feeding, or getting into and out of the car. Woven Wraps is easy to learn to use and with practice will give you the versatility to choose the tying method you like best, whether on your front, hip, or back.

Babies love the comfort of being swaddled and held close. It’s very soothing for a baby to be snuggled up to the parent’s body, where baby can hear and feel the parent’s voice, breathing, and heartbeat. Parents love the fact that they have both hands free and that baby’s weight is ergonomically distributed across both shoulders, the back, and the torso. Mamas often say that wearing their baby in a Woven Wraps is like being pregnant again, baby is close and safe, where you can rub his little back and kiss the top of his sweet little head.

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