New Mobile App, Zolent, Identifies Hidden Talents in Users

The world is full of people who fail to identify their greatest talent. For one reason or another, an amazing mathematical or artistic genius may choose another career without recognizing their hidden skills. A new mobile app called Zolent will help users identify their talents in fields like drama, fashion, architecture or music and help develop them until they can become a life-sustaining occupation.

Zolent is the brainchild of noted software developer Farzad Paridar, who has extensive IT and entrepreneurial success in Spain and Asia. After examining the other talent apps on the market, Farzad Paridar discovered that these programs were not comprehensive in the potential talents available. Nor did these apps allow finding other users in the area with similar or compatible talents.  Zolent not only identifies these undiscovered talents and develops them with powerful tutorials, but it also helps you find other people with related skills so that you can establish mutually beneficial relationships. Zolent also features showrooms, where users can display their productions to other users in the hope of developing a following or earning employment opportunities.

Zolent will eventually be a mobile app available on iOS and Android devices, but it is currently in the programming stage. Upon completion, the Zolent app will allow monetization through various unpaid and paid services including tutorial and showroom purchases.

In order to bring this amazing project to completion, Farzad Paridar is sponsoring a crowdfunding campaign on INdiegogo with the goal of €150,000.  To learn more about the Zolent project or to make a donation to this project, please visit

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Company Name: Zolent World of Talents
Contact Person: Farzad Paridar
Country: United States