STK Interlining Received Certification for Drapery Interlining from Swiss Textile Testing Institute TESTEX AG

Suzhou Zhonghe Apparel Accessories Co., Ltd, also referred as STK-Interlining, recently received certification of quality from leading Swiss Textile Testing Institute TESTEX AG.

Suzhou Zhonghe Apparel Accessories Co., Limited, also dubbed as STK-Interlining, a garment accessories manufacturer from China, recently received certification of quality from TESTEX AG, which is a global and independent textile components testing institute headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. The owners of the drapery interlining manufacturing business expressed hope that the new quality certification from TESTEX AG would help them in expanding their consumer base in Europe and North America.

The owners informed the press that they have certification for the non-woven and fusible interlining that are made of polyester and polyamide as well as woven and fusible interlining products. They also added that knitted interlining that are made of polyester and coated with polyamide have also received certification from TESTEX AG.

“We can now take pride in the fact that our products have at last been certified by TESTEX AG, a certification institute that defines the industrial standards and has been certifying textile components manufacturers since mid nineteenth century. We believe that the certification would help us in earning more trust from our overseas buyers,” said a sales officer of the Suzhou based drapery interlining manufacturer.

According to the sales officer, the products that have been certified by TESTEX AG were passed through standard chemical and physical tests at the testing centre of TESTEX AG. He also said that the tests were conducted to analyze harmful substances and residues. The testers also took into consideration various quality and environmental issues, the sales officer added.

“A comprehensive array of tests was conducted to check the quality of the interlinings. We are feeling proud that finally our products have passed the certification tests. We believe that the certificate will help us in spreading our business further afield,” added the sales officer.

STK-Interlining now manufacturers interlining or interfacing that are used for stiffening fabric from inside. These components are widely used by garments manufacturers as these are considered essentials for strengthening certain areas of the fabric. The owners informed that the copy of certificate provided by TESTEX AG has been uploaded on the website so that interested people can download the certificates to be double-sure about the quality of their products.

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