Offers an Innovative and Affordable Recruitment Solution

UK-based announces affordable and reliable web-based staffing for your business needs.  With a full time staff, Integritas offers several office recruitment options at competitive prices.  From only £250 (approximately $300) per month, the company can provide access to various aspects of office recruitment.

Integritas provides the following types of employees:

IT  can help you to find workers online across the entirety of the IT spectrum; candidates with competence in broad coding environments and who have vast experience in development.

• MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT— Company can develop your mobile app without the common hassle of searching and screening for your own quality developer

SALES & INTERNET MARKETING—They can help you find virtual employees qualified to manage your business profile online.

• ADMIN/CUSTOMER SERVICES CONTENT WRITING—They can provide you hire cheap employees online who are dedicated to help you organize your business to generate fresh content for your website

• GRAPHIC & WEB DESIGN— They can connect with full-time, professional graphic designers who can provide you with unlimited revisions of any design whenever you need assistance.

• DATA ENTRY & ACCOUNTANCY— can also assist as you hire employees online to build you a staff that can handle data entry as well as general research and even junior level accounting.


While the company may specialize in helping you to hire employees online, Integritas is also known for various other qualities.  For example, they offer around-the-clock support that can save not only time, but money as well.  In addition, when you hire virtual employees, you retain them—they are not shared through a pool of other virtual employees and employed by several companies. Furthermore, each and every one of your virtual employees can be trained with just a simple request and, perhaps more importantly, you can contact these employees at any time.


While the customer service itself can be impressive, Integritas also wants to state that their recruitment process is very different to typical virtual employee/outsourcing agencies. Integritas prides itself with its unique recruitment process – Integritas supply the client with a shortlisted set of potential employees and from there, interviews are conducted, which are controlled by the client entirely. It is at the client’s discretion whether they choose to hire the employee, and if they don’t, Integritas begin the search again. By adopting this process, Integritas has managed to acquire employees for clients that have no cultural/language barriers which is generally the number one issue when hiring a virtual employee.

Integritas can be reached through their website, over the phone, or through email:

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• phone: +447446184450

• e-mail: Contact(at)

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