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“Get a Free Checkup on Your Credit Card Processing: Merchant Account, Checkup to Accept Credit Cards”
If you are paying over 1.65% total on your rate, you are paying to much.
We are .10 and 5 cents over interchange.

Get a credit card processing fees and rates checkup with Merchant Resources, www.credit-card-processing.com

With us you pay .10 and 5 cents over interchange. If you are paying over 1.65% total on your rate, you are paying to much. 

Square Reader
  • Base Retail Visa/MC rate of 2.75%
  • Key Entered Rate of 3.5%

Wells Fargo

Base Retail Visa/MC rate @ 2.2% and 25 cents

  • Mid qualified rate @ 3.1% and 25 cents
  • The salesperson did not disclose the non-qualified rate
  • Lease of terminal for $35 for 48 months or purchase terminal for $699 (FD130 terminal)
  • $75 yearly fee
  • $95 Setup fee
  • No contract until filing-out personal information using a social security number, etc.
  • Wells Fargo credit card processing was high in fees, equipment cost and processing rates.
  • Each time Merchant Resources called received different quoted rates.

Bank of America

  • 1.69% Base Retail Visa/MC rate
  • 3.19% Mid-qualified rate
  • Over 4.35% Non-qualified rate
  • Terminal cost on a lease of $28.95 per month or purchase for $599
  • No contract until filing-out personal information using social security number, etc.
  • Bank of America was transparent regarding their high discount rates.

Merchant Resources offers the following:

  • 1.25% for debit/credit card with no pin
  • 1.65% for base Visa and MasterCard, Discover
  • No Monthly Fees
  • FREE Terminal, cellular phone Swiper or POS for restaurant
  • If a business has a low average ticket, Merchant Resources provides 5 cents transaction fee

Merchants consistently process payments over $10 per purchase, have better options at: www.credit-card-processing.com

To receive a free no obligation merchant account quote, visit http://www.credit-card-processing.com or call 1-888-895-3129.

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